Monday, June 23, 2008

The Scene

Low of the day: Getting up for work around 7ish
High of the day: Leaving work around 7ish

My face at right really says it all. Sigh.

At least I got to the gym and ran three miles. Felt so good. Been slacking lately and eating like the earth is running out of food.

Got to get back into a routine. Firm up. Birthday's coming up after all.

The Outfit
Forever 21 wrap dress

The Accessories
Chanel slingbacks
Chanel tote
Canal Street earrings
Forever 21 bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
In a Chanel state of mind this morning.

Perhaps it's all the recent hullabaloo about Karl's public service announcement (dying over "Oh Karl!") Or maybe it's the little black and white number I purchased yesterday at Forever.

Most likely though, it was the fact that G sent me an angry email this morning that a Chanel publicist woke her up at 5 am today. Ugh. How glamorously annoying ;)

Reached for this Forever 21 dress after reading G's email. Then came the shoes and the bag and the bangle and the earrings - in that order. If you recall, I did a cold weather variation of this look back in January. Prefer today's look. More naturally me.

Note the difference the high end accessories make when styling this $24 wrap dress. It's all about balance. High and low. This is a great example of the advice Sable Crow and Jean Bean and I gave about faking it a few weeks ago.

Today I mixed real (the shoes and the bag) with "inspired by" trinkets of deceit (the earrings and the bangle.) Chanel makes it easy in a way with a simple, signature palette. Wear black and white or beigey and black and you're half way there.

Though, a Chanel bag or shoe helps...obviously :)

p.s. I lied about my high today. My real high was reading one of my favorite bloggers fashionintelligentsia and finding out we are exactly on the same Forever 21/Chloe wavelength.

So yesterday at Forever 21 I discovered a great bootie peep toe shoe thingy that resembles the Chloe bootie peep toe shoe thingy I've been moaning over for months. $25 versus over $600? SIGN ME UP!

Alas I couldn't find it in my size at the store. Held back tears, cursed my tall father for giving me feet the size of boats and took it as a sign.

Maybe it was too cheapy looking and I shouldn't bother. After all I found the Chloe ones in the color I really want on sale at the Intermix site last week.

But then today I read fashionintelligentsia account of her close encounters with both the Chloe and the Forever bootie. Love love love how all of us fashionistas out here in cyberspace are on the same wavelength.

Thinking I may order them online...


weezermonkey said...

I really love those Chanel slingbacks.

Couture Carrie said...

You certainly do your fashion research! Love those booties :)

lookrichbitch said...

love those booties! might have to get a pair too!

WendyB said...

You are the queen of Forever 21!

Reena Rai said...

I really do love F21!! I also love those Chloe-a-likes

Sable Crow said...

Many thoughts today:

1) Re: Forever 21. It's been my experience that clothing stores--like markets and love lives--are cyclical. I think it may be related to who is on the design team. I find that for a few years, I'll be all into a brand that has great cut, color, quality, etc and then BAM! it sucks for years (ie A|X). I think this comes from the design team. I'll put my stake in the ground now and say: "If you like what's coming out of Forever 21, then see if you peep who's on the design team. When they leave, follow them to their new destination."

It's like money managers or personal trainers--ultimately its the people, not the brand. This is why uber-brands are so dependable: they have the very best people, be they founders or torch-bearers (or fan-bearers, Karl!).

2) I'm loving this blog lately. It's my daily Sprinkles cupcake and it's making me FAT on good writing and fashion-love.

Keep it up Diabolina!

Sable Crow said...

Hey, fellow Diabolina fans! Someone's coming up on her 200th blog entry! Get your comments ready!

amber said...

okay, sable crow's advice above about following the design folks when they move on to other labels is GENIUS! :D

the f21 knockoff is black is awesome. not so much digging the beige/pink one though. i'd say if the real ones are cheap to begin with, order the f21s, so at least you're getting a pricetag to match ;)

love the outfit today!

Milly said...

Love the shoes and bag..that dress sure doesnt look like it came from F21

tam pham said...

i think sable crow needs to start a blog. his comments are ALMOST as fabulous as miss d's post entries.

Da Fashionista said...

amen, tam pham. i've been working on him for months.

he's a writer who hasn't written in 10 years so it's scary.

it's imminent tho. the domain name's been purchased. i can't wait.

Fashion Trend Guide said...

I like how you mix high end with low end. I find myself shopping at F21 a lot. Let me know what you buy from the latest GO collection.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we're on the same page with this one & I have big feet too! Size 9 and you? BUT I am not that tall, what gives?

Anonymous said...

P.S. LOVE your look. That wrap is so cute, & CHANEL? Need we say more?

Julia said...

Those Chloe shoes are so uncomfortable looking. I've seen girls walking around on them [poorly], I can't imagine the F21 are designed any better, even though they have a lower heel.

I feel like I'm now in a Karl Lagerfeld mood more than a Chanel mood these days. Dressing up like Karl is more fun/less expensive. haha

Jenna said...

Love how you were so Chanel. Those slingbacks are beyond gorgeous.

TINA said...

The wrap is so cute.
Ooh, you should definitely get the Chloe ones. Very chic - love them!

Jean Bean said...

They were selling those reflective vests on the streets in Paris. Now I know why. Hell, I think I want one!


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