Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Scene
Had a major fashion emergency this morning. An outfit that worked in my mind's eye ended up looking like a total Monet in actuality. Ugh. And my fab friends KFR and Weezermonkey and their girls are now reading so I need to be tres chic more than ever! Eek!!

PLUS, on this random of Tuesdays, I have the added pressure of a gorgeous leggy friend's birthday tonight. And though she says her tunic and tall boot ensemb is totally casual, who are we kidding, folks? Every event is a runway. Every night out, a fashion show ;)

I decide the only rational approach is doing a work outfit and a separate drinks outfit - no two in one today. Damn this weather! I channel Tim Gunn and "just make it work." I dub today's outfit, Coco (Ms. Chanel if you're nasty!)

The Outfit
Black turtleneck
Forever 21 wrap dress with Marimekko/Chanel Camelia print
Black footless tights
Vintage black quarter length sleeve coat
that my mom bought when she was my age

The Accents
Bruno Magli cap toe mary janes
Chanel black tote
Canal Street earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt harried and not fully thought through. The pallette is a bit too matchy matchy. Plus this curly hair is KILLING ME. I swear the hair changes the whole impact of the outfit. At least, I LUV my shoes. I haven't worn them in like two years.

Am happy I have tonight to redeem myself. My Styleminded looked smokin hot today in booties and casual layers and totally inspired me to do a "breezy" look tonight even though it's cold out. It's a look Kate Moss does alot in London weather. Scarves casually tossed on. Tights. Tall heels. Mussed hair and eyeliner. Clutch with a pop of color. Nothing chunky or heavy or beleagured.

Kisses, Styleminded, you really help me step up my game and I adore you for gracing me with your beauty and creativity and style.

Postscript: Here is the hotness that was the late night fun.

So much love, so many laughs - not sure it is well represented here but I can definitely attest to alot of pretty young people having a grand ole time:

My outfit is just a GORG grey tunic that I bought downtown for $3o bones with nice detail at the chest and long leggings pulled into my shoe like sockies (a new look for me) and outrageously expensive but truly divine STELLA shoes.

These are my two hottest, most favorite jean-and-sweet-jacket-rocking giraffes-over-6-foot-2.

They are so different and so similar and so beautiful and so mine! Ugh adore their hearts and their sass that they learned by watching MOI!

My mission in life is for MChu to know how hot smokin she is.

Every day. No matter what.

Seriously, I need more of her in my life!

And I adore the b-day girl and her sis and my Panda and our new D.
So cute.
So real.

Bottom line: fashion is about truly living your life and caring and staying up late and most of all being present - so today was a good day!

It was one of those randomly great days where I met interesting friends of friends, talked about love and life and reaffirmed the people who mean the world to me are the reason i make the effort at all.

A+ overall!!!


Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

I'm a friend of Sharon's, and I think your blog is fab! I love that you grade your outfits, and I too have vowed to be dressy everyday this year. (Its one of my resolutions!)

weezermonkey said...

Picture! Picture! Didn't mean to give you so much pressure with the burgeoning audience, but I knew many of my readers would enjoy your blog! :)

Trisha said...

YES! Pictures, please :) The outfit sounds totally cute. You definitely put a lot of thought into your dress which is admirable (personally, I'm jealous of your awesome style and kick ass wardrobe).

BTW, blame this comment on Sharon, too!

Da Fashionista said...

Ugh. i totally love you guys!!!

heart aflutter for new cyber pals,

Kate said...

Love the shoes, both pairs, but especially those Stellas. Love, love, love.

Anonymous said...

You're a real doll . . . and I'm not talking about those masses of silicone that lonely men buy that come with turkey basters for cleaning. Gross.

Anyways, such a gracious, gratuitous young lady who's always down for a good time!

P.S. After last night's repeated defeats, I may be over my beloved arcade. Maybe.

Da Fashionista said...

robert, why u writing about blow up dolls on my blog. F.

R said...

I love those gray shoes.

Kate said...

Love this party outfit and the leggings might be a smart choice - it's really f'ing cold here.


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