Friday, June 20, 2008

The Scene
Just when I thought this week was turning around - my mom gets in a car accident this morning. HORRIBLE!

Apparently, some elderly lady came barreling out of a driveway and smashed directly into my mom. Everyone is fine, thank god, but my mom's car spun a couple of times. Ugh. She is so tiny. Hate to think about it.

The lady begged her not to call the police but my mom's no sucker. The police said it was 100 percent the other driver's fault so the insurance will kick in and everything will be fine.

We talked in the evening and she was still shaken up. Have to realize it takes longer to recover from brushes with our mortality the older we get.

Plus she was also emotional because I called her and left her a message saying 'I love you' right as the accident was happening!! Weird, no? We are spooky connected like that...ALOT.

To add insult to injury today, Mr. Diabolina finds out something rather disappointing about a co-worker. Something that shows poor judgment on that person's part and bums Mr. D out. My mister is such a stand-up guy and the consummate professional. Tough seeing him demoralized by others' missteps. Blech.

All night both of us are mopey. And the heat makes us fussy like babies. Not the best start to the weekend.

The Outfit
Forever 21 Greecian jersey dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 scarf
Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals
Chanel black tote

The Grade

The Commentary
No picture of me because MY CAMERA CRAPPED OUT TODAY!!!!! Seriously this has got to be the WORST day in recent memory.

Thankfully Mr. D had the day off and decided to buy me a new pretty purple Coolpix this afternoon. He is a prince. He knows how important the blogging's become to me and knew how rough this week had been for me. Yay for boys who get it!

Built today's outfit around the $9 scarf that I got with my mom last weekend. So mercurial. Conjures brightly attired maidens dancing around a maypole. Forgive me. My nerdy inner English major loves to rear her head at times with the references.

I completely missed the scarf while roaming the For Love 21 store. Likely too overwhelmed to focus. But as we were walking away it caught my eye in the fab window display. The print instantly reminded us of a dress my mom had when I was little. Love how the colors all work so harmoniously - then and now.

This am nearly paired the scarf with a jersey black dress. You know, to mourn my camera's death. But decided to not be so melodramatic. Grabbed a lighter less expected combo instead.

This blue dress has become a go-to favorite. Today felt a bit chunk in the trunk in it due to all the pleating. But I know the color really does wonders for the skin tone so I opted to look like a fattie with nice coloring.

Thinking I will try to pick up the red in the scarf next time. Maybe with some Marc Jacobs accessories. The scarf has a vaguely retro vibe that feels more than a little MJ, no?

Or maybe I just desperately love all things Marc and they make me happy and I so desperately want to feel happy after a rough week ;)


Michelle said...

OMG! Your poor mom! Thank god she's ok and that she wasn't conned into not calling the cops. I'll say a prayer for her and your family.

Something to cheer you up: I sent you a link for a free MAC lipstick available to Cali chicks! Not sure if you wear MAC but it's FREE!

WendyB said...

I'm so relieved that your mom is physically okay.She must be very, very upset though. How terrifying.

tam pham said...

omg i'm so glad mommy is okay!!!! boo to a terrible day! hopefully, your weekend was much better! tell our mom I hope she's feeling better.

weezermonkey said...

Make sure Mommy goes to the doctor, even if she feels fine! Mr. Monkey was in a five-car pile-up on the 10 several years ago. (That was when our CLK was totaled.) He ended up having back pain later, and insurance paid for all of his medical visits.

Lynn Tran said...

Oh sad for your mama; I'm glad she's okay. Definitely get her to see a doctor, like WeeMo says. At the very least, it establishes that she saw a doctor right after the accident so that if something comes up later, she can have some background. Big hugs to you and mama.

Sable Crow said...

Yowzers! Sounds pretty poopy. I'm hoping things have gotten a little better. I'm glad Mom's okay. My movie buddy! I'm watching you with my little black crow eyes.

Sable Crow

amber said...

:( :( your poor mommy! i'm glad that insurance is going to take care of everything, but i'll ditto weemo in saying that she should still go to the doctor. that way, it's on the books that she was in an accident and if she needs treatments later, it's easier to claim them with insurance.

and i'm sorry you're having such a rough week. poo! i hope everything is okay and that things start looking up soon.

love and hugs to both of you.

ps. mr. d coming home with a new camera for you is too precious. love that!

Da Fashionista said...

thanks for all the well wishes for my mom.

i keep telling her the same thing. i was in a serious car accident in college so she knows how important it is to establish that documentation for the insurance and legal reasons.

but she is as stubborn as she is cute. ugh.

MissJordyPants said...

ohhh so glad your mom is feeling ok physically. Accidents shake me for days and days.

And so sad to hear that you're feeling so poppy. Hope your weekend was 10,000 times better!

Kate said...

Oh teeny tiny mommy! So glad she's OK. Also, for the record, I had a super crap week last week too. Just so stressed out. It sucked. But I spent the weekend laughing really hard and being in love with my boys and I feel a lot lighter now.

Anonymous said...

I also love all things MARC, and like you, I love those compact heart mirrors. I NEED one in red!

I hope you get the F21 Shoes, as I think they're a great alternative. Post pictures if you do.


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