Friday, June 20, 2008

Diabolina Digs...

Fashion moguls who are my peeps.

Did you know that industry darling Phillip Lim AND Forever 21 founders Don and Jin Sook Chang started their empires in Los Angeles? Big inspiration for this Angelana. They are proving, L.A. IS a fashion force, thank you very much. That we've got Hollywood and good weather and real creative talent in this town.

Oh and have I mentioned I've always considered myself Asian on the inside? Seriously, have you noticed just how many of my nearest and dearest are of the Asian persuasion? It's been the story of my entire life. Since my first to my latest bestie. Think it's that girls are raised similarly in Latin and Asian cultures. And I just think our cuteness is similar too ;)

Read more on the Phillip Lim Robertson opening last week


lookrichbitch said...

Because you're such a fashionista, I deem you an honorary Asian! We need more fashionable people in our group! Yay!

Kate said...

It's funny you would mention. Just the other day I was thinking "wow, Dianne knows a lot of Asians." I really don't. But I get to see one of my favorites of all time, my Aunt Vicki, next week. Woot woot Asians.

tam pham said...

i guess i count as one of your asian friends! i feel very honored.


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