Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Scene
Broke up the long work day with a little trip to Forever during lunch. Fell in love with this odd casually fab dress. Liked the lime green skirt one better but they didn't have my size. Wah. Needs it.

Hit the gym in the evening to keep my energy high for the coming weekend whirlwind. Then (over) packed in less than half an hour. Got a little nervous about the NYC heatwave Peaches warned me is acomin' during my visit. Only been to NYC in the winter. Me and my curls are not looking forward to the humidity.

And ugh, today confirm that the dress code for the conference is business casual. F. I am much better at power suit conference dressing. Think I ended up overstuffing my carry-on but better to be prepared than SOL far from home.

Get in some Mr. Diabolina time. Not looking forward to leaving him for a few days. There’s always a big part of me missing when he doesn't travel with me.

The Outfit
Forever 21 herringbone bow dress
Barney’s New York cashmere sweater

The Accessories
Forever 21 nude headband
Manolo Blahnik nude slingbacks
Me&Ro necklace
Chanel black bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Feeling very New York today. Again. Decided to do another ode to Gossip Girls aka the new pop culture fashion plates ala SATC. Built the outfit around the buttery headband. Bought it for $3 on Sunday. Figured the pretty patent carmel color would be great with the highlights and tan this summer. Loads of Blair Waldorf possibilities.

Chose the Manolos next. They'd been swirling in my head ever since Jean Bean’s sweet comment about my nude shoe/black dress combo inspiring her CFDA look. LOVE how this blog connects us even on opposite sides of the country. Love that she’s watching and hearting from afar, like a guardian angel robed in sleek goddess Calvin Klein.

Next came the sweater. How much do you love it? It was love at first sight. Got it ages ago at Buffalo Exchange of all places. It’s upper east side preppiness seemed so out of place amidst all the grungy resale surrounding it.

It was in pristine condition - cashmere can be tough to buy resale. Good fine gauge cashmere. Adored the turquoise piping and matching buttons. But the little itty bitty pockets with bows sealed the deal. Their completely impractical adorableness KILLS me.

The only catch? It’s an XS. F. Never been an XS in my life. I think I came out of the womb a medium and thanks to an insatiable appetite and an overprotective Latin mother became a large within months. Sigh.

Decided to get the sweater despite not being able to button it because it was $30ish and name brand and insanely cute. Told myself I’d just wear it open or hovering jauntily over my shoulders like a Stepford wife.

Typically wear it with white or khaki but today decided to go a different, less expected route. As I scanned my closet, my eyes fell on the herringbone dress that I haven’t worn since February. Loved the idea of the big bow at the neckline referencing the little bows on the pockets. Too.cute.for.words!

Had trouble deciding what bag to wear. Don't have a beige bag that matches the shoes or the sweater. But ultimately opted to keep the rich bitch look going with the Chanel. You can never go wrong with Chanel right?

Not certain the whole thing worked, not sure it matters. I know that I breezed through my day feeling fab and unique. Felt creative and inspired putting it all together. And felt proud of creating a look with a point a view.

For better or worse, today’s outfit makes a statement. And after feeling so meek and mild and dull lately it felt good to get my (fashion) voice back.


dapotato said...

love the combo, and in my nonfashionista eyes, it works! eclectic yet classy.

i am not a fan of bows, as the monkey will attest, but i even want to rock that combo.

weezermonkey said...

Well, I LOVE bows, so there!

I must get more headbands.

tam pham said...

you're inspiring me to rock headbands like I did circa 1993

amber said...

i think you pulled that look off really well. not something i'd ever think to throw together, but you look smashing in it.

i think that first dress is very fun. kinda GG, don't ya think? even if you can't get it in lime, i'd say snag it in the grey.

lookrichbitch said...

Ohh! Love the f21 dress in grey too! Will be wearing my lime one this weekend for hunny bunny's bday din!

Good luck in NYC dahling...

WendyB said...

I linked to you!

Kate said...

Cute cute cute! Love the bow dress. And the sweater.

LBIC said...

That dress is so cute on you! But, ugh, don't get me started on the humidity. I live in humidity hell (florida) and it's horrible for my curls. I had to stop blowing it out because it would frizz up in about five minutes outside. NY isn't as bad, but it's not good.

MissJordyPants said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE the F21 dress. Agreed... purchase it in grey if you can't find the lime. Also, wish I could rock the headband. Unfortunately I have an enormous noggin and I think my hair is now too short. I've been attempting at home, but I look a mess.

Hope the trip to NY is absolutely fabulous!


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