Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Scene
Mama day. She pulls together a great outfit around her newish Marc Jacobs top. The addition of the tangerine sweater was inspired by my wrap sweater. Such a copy cat :) and such a purty color, no?

Can you believe the earrings are Forever??? They look so Me&Ro. I had her add the stripey headband to play off her highlights and the lines of the Marc top. The Armani sunglasses are a bit much for me but they make her happy...

We have a leisurely breakfast and then troll some shops. End up at a hardware store of all places. Trying to repair the light fixture in my closet (can you believe I've been pulling all this sass together in the pitch dark for the last month?????)

Come home, do some work, straighten up the house and kiss on Mr. Diabolina. He bought me some lovely albums for all my fashion inspiration collaging. It's an early V-day present. Loves him!

The Outfit
Forever 21 bubble bow dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Manolo Blahnick d'orsay brown heels
YSL chocolate tote
Chanel quilted brown sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
This dress thrills me to the core.

The herringbone is so classic but the shape feels so modern. The bow makes it sweet but the neckline makes it vampy. Love all the juxtaposition.

Am going to be able to make it look really different by changing up the accessories. And it is a great transitional piece since the material makes it wintery but the design makes it springy. Smart investment at a reasonable $29. (I love Carrie's line from Sex and the City: "I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet.")

Thought the sweater gave it even more umph, makes the whole look really pop. This sweater = endless possibilities.

Loved pairing something so inexpensive with super luxe shoes and purse. The suede of the shoes perfectly matches the inside lining of the purse. I am a sucker for little details like that.

I realized today that despite the fact I've had this purse for over 4 years, the distinctive and revered YSL Rive Gauche label still sets my heart aflutter. I hope I never get so jaded that it doesn't make me giddy.


Kate said...

Yes, great dress! Love it for all the reasons you said. It's really cute on you. My last visit to F21 was not so productive. Boo. BTW, it's really cracking me up that I shop there so much now that I am officially 31. I want to call it Forever 31. I'd rather be 31 than 21 forever, for realz.

Cee said...

Mama Diabolina is just too cute. I love how she dresses up to complement you.

Totally love the dress on you. F31 is a trend setter's paradise.

Da Fashionista said...

UM...I LOVE FOREVER 31!!!!!!!!!




add it to the urban dictionary, katie!!!! now!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabulosity said...

I'm a lurke to your fabulous blog. Your blog has serious changed the way I dress. I am now more creative and do confess to have copied two of your outfits hehe! Let me tell I received at least 4 compliments each. Thank you for sharing your fashion sense to the fashion senseless.

Da Fashionista said...

Very sweet words, fabulosity. VERY sweet!

Thanks for coming out of lurking. I expect to see lots of comments from now on ;)



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