Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Scene
We get lunch catered on Wednesdays so I worked while I grubbed. Then used my lunch hour to do some designer browsing.

Hit my two favorite resale stores . Just 5 minutes away now. Didn't see anything TDF.
Except Chloe sandals for $125. Alas they were NOT the kitten heel ones I've been coveting at Intermix for 3 months. Sigh.

The thing about resale is that going often is KEY. Never know what treasure is going to randomly materialize. Glad I'm so close now. Can go once a week. Wheeeeeee!

In the evening hit the gym, ran three miles and then read myself to sleep.

p.s. Yesterday's mystery tootsies belonged to Gwynnie. Not crazy about the toga but do want me an asymmetrical dress. Right.This.Minute.

And duh, am seriously in lust with those shoes. Love how the details all add up to one eccentric Spartan symphony. Ugh, and how did that Bergdorf blond know that this Bloomie brown can't wait to pair my gladiators with a white dress TOO?? Her stylists and I are totally on the same wavelength.

The Outfit
Kaytone Adeli trousers
Forever 21 chiffon blouse
Beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Banks and Biddle bangle
Forever 21 bangles
Me&Ro necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Marc Jacobs Irina purse
DKNY sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Built today's outfit around yesterday's clutch. Was so in love with the color that I fished out this little chiffony dream that I've had for about a year.

This is one of those Forever tops that looked C-H-E-A-P on the hanger. The culprit? An awful satin sash around the middle. I think it was Pepto pink. Blech!

Well, thank god, I could see past it. I promptly snipped that shit off when I got home and voila ended up with a top that is very DVF meets Nanette Lepore. Yummy.

Picked the shoes next and then the pants. These KA pants are a girl's best friend. So flattering even when I go up a few pounds. And they have the perfectly wide leg. Got them resale AGES ago. Maybe $50. Truly the perfect beige trouser.

Chose these browny resale shoes to match the top and then eventually settled on the matching Marc purse. Didn't want to carry the clutch two days in a row. Perish the thought :) After all couldn't have the new work peeps thinking it's my only good bag.

Threw the sweater on because the weather appears to be turning on us. Global warming no es bueno, kiddies. And it's only going to get worse. Do your part.

p.s. Just googled Katayone Adeli to make sure I was spelling it right and found this:

Devotee Gwyneth Paltrow let the world in on the secret when she told Vogue, "I try to get every pair of pants Katayone Adeli makes."

Like that we think alike...

1 comment:

weezermonkey said...

This weather really has been bizarre. I never know what to throw on top to stay warm. Perhaps I need some wrap sweaters.


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