Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Scene
Started the day brunching with Mr. B aka Mr. Prettier than Me. Loved his (tight!) sweater and bonding over our mutual search for professional fulfillment.

Hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. One good sign is that he texted me seconds after parting. Wanted to make sure I noted his hat was Paul Smith. I heart a label whore.

Zipped down to Robertson to meet my dear KFR and introduce her to the boulevard of shopping preferred by the US Weekly set. I furtively photographed all the pricey deliciousness that left me breathless.

My fave Robertson boutique is the newly opened Intermix. It's got the best selection of Chloe, Stella, Marc, DVF that I have ever seen assembled in one place. I want everything in there.

Fell in serious lust with this cute little DVF tote. Who knew she had bags?? I did know she is coming out with shoes tho! Look at the "Diane" at the bottom right corner. I am pretty partial to this logo for obvious reasons :)

Am trying to figure out what to do with my birthday credit at Stella. Think these sandals might be a serious possibility. Or maybe one of her evening clutches...

Heart this hippish, color block Marc dream at Madison.
It was like a rainbow on a dreary day.

Pretty sure I will find something like it at Forever in a few months. No need to spend $200+.

Today I realized I am having a major mustard moment. Loving all things yellow. Seriously. It's like a compulsion.

The BCBG dress was outrageous tho. Something like $500 because it's part of their "runway" line. F that.

The shoes were $350ish. LOOK AT THAT HEEL. YUMMY!

KFR got these terrific Seychelles platform sandals at Kitson. I tried on the same pair in violet but decided to step away from the cuteness.

I didn't really need them and think I was just lured in by the under $100 price tag.

After taking in all the high-end inspiration, I whisk KFR to the Bev Cen for some Forever 21 and H&M pilfering. She scores some clean basics and I get a cute housecoat and short going out tunic.

We wrap up our shopping tour de force with some celebratory martinis. KFR just scored a plum new job after quite a while of feeling dissatisfied at work. SO HAPPY FOR HER. She is the consummate professional and deserves nothing but the best!!

After shopping, Mr. Diabolina takes me to Musso Frank's - a place he is partial to for obvious reasons.

Ugh. He did his best to derail my weight loss by ordering rum cake. What a saboteur! I took a few bites but stuck to my dirty martini. I would much rather drink my calories lately ;)

Magical day - I am a lucky kitty!

The Outfit
Forever 21 black tunic
Austrian slim fit trenchcoat

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Faux Louis Vuitton bangle
American Apparel burgundy tights
Steve Madden slouchy black boots

The Grade

The Commentary
This weather SCRAMBLES my brains!!!!!! Seriously, gray skies are almost debilitating to this Southern Cali girl. My initial impulse this morning is to grab schleppy jeans but stop myself. Instead I decide to play "What Would Anna Wintour Do?" That's right, I channel the Prada-wearing devil herself.

After a quick perusal of my closet, conclude that a little black dress truly should be my go-to in situations like this. They always work. Especially one with pockets ;)

Then decided to bust out some tights since I won't be able to wear them for much longer. The boots were the next choice. A good rainy day alternative to Uggs (sorry Peach!)

Then came the necklace to pick up the burgundy of the tights and the bracelet to complement all the colors in the necklace. The light trench was easy after all that was decided.

Felt a bit overdressed all day. But overdressed is always better in my opinion.
It's not a very "L.A." concept but starting to realize that it's a very "me" concept.


weezermonkey said...

I must see you and your piglet soon. Maybe downtown after work one day?

Kate said...

Look at cute and so evil.

I am going through a color phase too. I cannot get my hands off of the orange. I'm obsessed. I really need an orange bag....

Da Fashionista said...


i will keep my peepers open for you! I am dying for a yellow bag. saw a dior one but don't think i should spend the money right now...

R said...

I saw a girl wearing tights the other day and thought of you. :)


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