Monday, May 5, 2008

The Scene
Spent all day "remembering my spirit."Oprah style. What.A.Total.Vag.

Went to the morning yoga class I loved in grad school. EIGHT years ago. My fave instructor was there and though still taut and beautiful, he's gone completely gray!! Seeing the years that have passed manifest on his head was quite the reality check for me.

He is like no other yoga instructor I've ever encountered. Such a healer and almost like a therapist as he walks you through the hour and a half routine. He says things like "If you can't do this challenging pose calmly in this class, how are you ever going to deal with real challenges out there in your life" and "Your reactiveness and distractedness are not your truth, they are your fear surfacing" and "If you are going to bring your competitive and critical bullshit into this class, you're missing the point."

Touche, hot man touche. I heart him. So does David Duchovny. He used to regularly come to class back in the day. {swoon}

Felt very proud that the class was SIGNIFICANTLY easier today than it used to be for my 22 year old THINNER body.

I credit my older, wiser MIND. In the past few years, I've let go of quite a bit. Of my reactiveness and insecurity and ego. I think I am much more balanced now and less judgmental - of myself and others. Much less negative and much more open.

And thus, my practice flows better. I listen to my body and don't push myself too far. I don't compare myself to the person next to me anymore. There's no need for that. I have not lived her life, I don't have her genes, I know nothing of her story.

Most importantly, I don't unconsciously hold my breath and tense my neck and create stress in my body when I feel overwhelmed anymore. Today, I realized that this man and this class taught me how to breathe. This Type A is forever grateful for that lesson.

Grabbed lunch and started reading my New Earth book which only further got me thinking about all the spiritual things yoga stirred up. Then a long phone call with (my fellow yogi) The Peeper kept awakening things in my head and heart and soul.

By the evening, I felt ready to trade in all the spiritual seriousness with some serious silliness.

No one better to giggle with than Lauragami and The Cuddler (formerly known as D.)

For half a year, they've been telling us about the kickball league they are in. Yes, kickball. Yes, I know how nerdy-slash-amazing that is.

You need to know my favorite people on earth are the ones who don't give an F and completely embrace their inner nerdy. And I won't lie, it helps when they are hot. I heart hot nerds.

Mr. Diabolina and I get to the park with a few drinks in us already and are FLOORED by the scene.

It is extremely well-organized mayhem. There are 16 teams in the league. There are jerseys and costumes (every week, not just because it's Cinco de Mayo.) There is furtive boozing and serious game faces.

We giggle for 2 hours straight. As Lauragami makes some SWEET plays while tipsy. And K. strings up a pinata to celebrate after their 11-0 victory.

And The Cuddler (it's his kickball name!!!) approaches home plate to his theme song played on a boom box. It's the Thundercats theme and it is comedic gold.

I heart all of it. Sign me up, I would say, IF I was an organized sports type of gal ;)

Hilariously joyful end to a deeply thoughtful day!

The Outfit
Banana Repbulic stripped halter
Blue Cult jeans
Beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Me&Ro turquoise necklace
Forever 21 turquoise bangle
Marc by Marc Jacobs airliner clutch
Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators
Stuart Weitzman gold gladiator sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Remember how I'm not so good at dressing down or dressing for sporting events? Well add kickball at night and I am completely lost. Tried on two outfits before settling on this one with just a few minutes to spare.

Built the outfit around my new delicious clutch (which Mr. Diabolina wearily eyed all night.) I know you've seen how cute it is from the outside but just take a peek at the INSIDE. It's like they made it for me!!!

The reason I finally decided to buy it was that I looked at some clutches at Stella McCartney and realized this one was a much better size for half the price. Do you see how it's really two bags in one with the two separate compartments? Perfection!

After the clutch, I selected the gold sandals and turquoise jewelry to match. Then I snagged my loosest fitting jeans because I've been feeling a bit bloated after all this vacation eating.

Chose this halter because it felt vaguely sporty to me. Ugh I'm so weird. I GUESS it makes me look like a referee.

In my defense, I also thought it would look good when I took off the sweater and unleashed the tan at drinks out in Hollyweird after the game. Alas, the mister and I and The Cuddler were too old fartish to go out and continue the party like Lauragami.

Which means I would have probably been better off just adding a puffer jacket and Uggs to my sporty yoga outfit.

p.s. Mr. Diabolina doesn't have many celebrity crushes. But Christy Turlington is definitely one.

Had to be a Latina :)


tam pham said...

the debut of the new Marc clutch! oh so jealous! i'm still a Marc virgin...haven't found anything that I just HAVE to have yet. random, did you ever get the AA leggings?

Blue Bird said...


I've played kickball here in Portland for the past three summers. At first the league was smallish - around 16 teams like the thingy you attended. Last summer - 60 TEAMS! Holy balls!

Should be even bigger this time. And get this - there are RIVAL leagues in Portland. That's right - one kickball league does not suffice.

I don't have an official kickball name. But my bowling league name is Captain Barnacle Balls. Seriously.

Mr. T

MissJordyPants said...

What a cool thing to do! Ridiculous drunken organized sports was my favorite event in college.

Heart the clutch :-)

weezermonkey said...

The clutch! The clutch! So fantastic.

How is it that you've managed to get HOTTER with age?!

Cee said...

love the new clutch. been swooning over since you first talked about it.

Kickball?! hee! sounds like a lot of fun. It was the only sport I was good in in school where it required no bats.

dapotato said...

love the clutch.

thanks for the reminder that i need to try to find a good yoga class again. not loving my current instructor. at all. she makes the practice more chaotic. :(

amber said...

i'm perplexed that you're perplexed about how to dress down. i've got that covered, hands down recently, it's the dressing up that throws me for a loop. hmmm, wanna trade ideas? ;)

yay for good yoga sessions! i'm still intimidated to try a class, but i have a feeling i'd love it if i'd just go already.

R said...

I love the kickball and nerdiness of it all. So perfect.

Kate said...

OK, weird. I just emailed you something related to New Earth. You and me....brought together by the universe for a reason. Freaks me out in a good way, kwim?

Of course I love the clutch. Goes without saying.

10yearstogether said...

I love yoga! It is a deceptively great resistamce traimimg workout! I also love the imside of what seems to be a clutch (judgimg from the other commemts), very stylish.


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