Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Scene
J invited my mommy and me to watch our Trojans smack down Stanford at the fancy new Galen Center. Sat with her husband as well as Chowmein and her husband. Mr. Chicken Nugget and Bana were also in attendance.

Alas, Ms. Gardner was at the babysitter's and escaped my kisses...

The arena was stunning. It was our first time inside. Truly another feather in USC's cap. Fight on!

Just one problem: there's an impeccably stocked gift shop with all things Trojan. Ugh. My mom and I went nuts in there during half time. (Think I need the puffy white jacket on the mannequin. But $100 - boo!)

Will you please look at Bana's outfit and tell me how I was supposed to keep my mitts off her??? Chowmein says she also just got her a song girl outfit that will be purrfect for football season. Cannot wait!

Also really digging these his and hers Vans. Want them.

After the game, my mom wanted to walk around campus since it's been a couple of years for her. I was only too willing to oblige.

My momma just beams with pride whenever she's on campus. Loves her.

It's pretty surreal that I've now been on campus 3 times in 2 weeks. That seems like some kind of record.

In the evening, That Girl came over for a little dinner and multicade action before heading over to Mr. B's birthday soiree.

Mr. Diabolina hearts her. Hot chicks that willingly play Donkey Kong with him are few and far between.

I must admit I have an even bigger friend crush on That Girl. She emits such a great positive vibe, is so lovely and just fundamentally hysterical. Very glad she moved to L.A. and we can be part of her new chapter.

She looked hot hot hot in a black wrap dress and wedges. Love that the weather seems to have turned for good. This means hot people are going to be wearing less and less clothing. Yum.

JB aka Mr. Architect looked yummylicious too. He ran the marathon last week. So inspiring.

I really need more of him in my life. He's constantly teaching me new moves. Like how to look skinnier in photos. And how to catwalk Victoria Secret style. You know all the important things in life.

We're alot alike.

For example, after his bf Mr. B blew out the candles on his birthday cake.

Mr. Architect promptly proceeded to drop the cake on the floor.
And on the birthday boy's shoe.


That is SO something I would do.

All of us being great friends went into paparazzi mode capturing the epic faux paus from EVERY angle as we cackled mercilessly! It was straight out of one of Mr. B's comedy sketches. Too funny.

Yet another fantastic Saturday! I must've been very good in another life.

The Outfit
Gap white skirt
Marc Jacobs ribbed top
USC sweatshirt

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Marc Jacobs lace up sandals
Damier inspired bangle
Faux Chanel studs
Gucci sunglasses

The Grade


The Commentary
My mom and I are so funny when we dress down. We never get it quite right. Though we briefly consulted on outfits the night before, we each independently choose gray. We are so psychically linked :)

I have no idea where she got that visor. It's the closest thing to functional I have ever seen her wear. It's cute but not her at all.

I bought the subtle SC sweatshirt when I was on campus with Peach. It was a hit with Chowmein and J. Really like the fact that it's not in your face Trojan wear. Makes it alot more wearable for me. My mom got it today in cream.

This skirt I should really retire. I think there is weight limit on white skirts and I've exceeded it ;( Plus these MJ shoes really shorten my leg because of the tying situation and just make me look chunk-tified.

Sporting events like the rain scramble my brain. I really don't know what I was thinking today when I left the house. Maybe that I was 18 or that I weigh what I weighed when I was 18. Sigh!

My late night outfit was much more me. Love this top. $28 at Image. Love this wine color. Matches my YSL shoes nicely.

Ombre is still on trend for spring. Feels like it's been around for a couple of seasons already.

The drape is super comfortable and forgiving but does make me look a bit top heavy.

Mr. Diabolina claimed he couldn't take his eyes off What an unabashed perv he is.

p.s. LOOK at the spangly bracelet I paired with my party outfit. Have had it for nearly a decade. Cost like $5 in the fashion district. It's like a party on my wrist. Magic :)


weezermonkey said...


Kate said...

Oh...this made me cry. I miss Paige. And I wish I could have been with you guys on Saturday.

Blue Bird said...

Holy mutherfunkin' shit. I feel all empty and dead inside because I wasn't there for all of this fabulousness. You're a delicious pile of delightful, topped with hotness. And I heart you madly.

See you in my dreams... lover.

Michelle said...


Love your life! Looks like you have a great group of friends and endless good times. Makes me miss all my BFFs up in SF :(

It's ok - I don't need to know what gym has the strip cardio class - didn't mean to come off stalkerish! Nor am I looking to take strip classes! HA!

AND - I'm returning that JH dress at Target - I just don't see it working out for me! But thanks SO MUCH for the tips. I'm sure it won't be the last time I hit you up for advice.

Have a good week!!

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

Love the bracelet too~ it makes me oh so happy when you find little accessories that totally make an outfit :) Lookin' so cute as always!

that girl said...

awwwww digging on the paige love-fest today!! and let me say that playing with you two totally makes me swoony. i had a great time last night, kisses to you.

Jean Bean said...

I love me some slapstick comedy!!!

Da Fashionista said...

no crying in blogging :)

i heart you. thank you for letting me borrow her. come visit soon.

mr. t,
you are so good for my ego. thank you!

kiss you! i am really realizing that this blog is turning into a bit of a love letter to so many people who are dear to me. I am lucky. boo on besties who are far away,

you DID NOT come off like a stalker at all. i am just being careful for anyone reading with less than honorable intentions.
PLEASE hit me up for advice ANY time.

mrs. shorty cake, kiss. they really do pull an outfit together sometimes in a way that is so frivolously delightful.

that girl, i am simply adoring you. thanks for making my night!

jean bean,
get ready for more slapstick when i two step in austin. it's going to be busted...

amber said...

i'm in love with that top! gorgeous color, great cut -- love love love it!

i actually like dressing for sporting events. then again, i <3 jeans and cute tennies or flip flops ;)

R said...

I am really digging your evening top!


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