Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Scene
So nothing says new job, new life like NEW HAIR.

Two years ago for my first day that meant chopping it off into a fierce bob.

It was B.S. (before Suri) and it was dark and it was gloriously straight. Got it Japanese straightened IN JAPAN while I was there on business. Best $100 I ever spent.

That straightening changed this Curly Sue's life. For nearly a year, I had wash and go hair. Never had to blow dry it and it was pin straight. And no damage.

The only draw back was that I couldn't dye it. And I love dying my hair. Since I was 8 and got ahold of a Sun In bottle, I've had it every color. The only reason I would ever go natural was for straight hair.

Today I decided to change it up as my first day approaches. Opted for my go-to highlighted newscaster look. It's a bit of The Rachel meets Joan Jett rock and roll mullet. Heart the color more than the cut.

Cut and color, $80. But believe me you DO NOT want to go where I go. It's a down-home Latin beauty salon with zero frills. And it's in a less than desirable neighborhood that's just short of roosters running through it. But our stylist is the only one who has EVER taken us blonde believably so my mom and I put up with a less than glamorous/relaxing setting.

Hearting it while I can since duplicating this straightness is near impossible for me. Boo. Too scared to get the straightening done here since I've heard horror stories. Plus to tell you the truth having hair that flat got boring. Couldn't do anything with it.

Had din-din with my momma who wore the purty new green Forever top I picked out for her. And a hair clip I bought her downtown.

Transformative day. Counting down to my first day. Getting nervous :)

The Outfit
Forever 21 red tunic
Forever 21 black leggings
Beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Nine West cap toe flats
Louis Vuitton earrings
Fashion district turquoise bangle
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch

The Grade

The Commentary
Built the outfit around the clutch AGAIN. Ugh I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

This Forever 21 top was probably my first volume look that I bought too big. My first F. It gapes too much at the chest so I normally wear a tank top underneath it. But today decided to bring the girls out to play. What the hell, I'm on vacation and have hot hair :)

Love the sweet puffy sleeves and the flowery print that looks like hearts. Reminds me of Marc. Chose this top because of the little blue splashes on the print. They pick up the blue of the clutch, the bangle and the LV earring nicely.

Added the sweater because the weather is schizophrenic and the long leggings because seriously my legs are still flea bitten messes. Which brings me to these little delectable shoes.

Remember that season about a year ago when Nine West did all kinds of Chanel knock-offs? My fave was that they did the $500ish patent cork wedges from the Resort collection for $50ish. Almost bought them in red but then realized I'm not Paris Hilton. Plus they chafed me a bit.

Decided to opt for the sweet little flats instead. They are more me. Stalked them for weeks and nabbed them on sale. About $30. They are the definition of comfortable, like walking on pillows.

Plus, they make my large-ish feet feel dainty and Chanely. My mom said today they make her want to bite my legs. hee-hee.

Little interlocking C's would make them perfection. Sigh. ;)


Cee said...

love the new do. I was actual thinking about getting a japanese perm cuz i want curly hair.

your momma is uber cute. love her

amber said...

look at you, foxy lady! loving the color and straight hair. <3

venn said...

Your new hairdo is quite fetching. Me likey. I've gotten the Japanese straight perm several times in Koreatown. It's a pretty common technique now, so as long as the salon is pretty reputable, it's not such a gamble these days.

Fabulosity said...

I love Nine West! I was hoping you would incorporate Nine West into your fabulous wardrobe. Love the new sexy hair!

weezermonkey said...

Little Tokyo or K-town is your friend if you are serious about the straightening. Venn is right!

Love the hair!

tam pham said...

your new hairdo is so purty. i got my hair highlighted yesterday as well. love my twin!

Jean Bean said...

me love color AND cut.

MissMissy said...

Love your hair and the color is perfect!!! How fun for your new job. Have a great week!!!

R said...

I have never dyed or permed my hair. I'm a strange duck I guess.

Victoria said...

you and your hair look amazing!

MissJordyPants said...

New hair always feel so fresh! Looks fabulous.

10yearstogether said...

I cam't hamdle it - you are too fabbo for words. Love the clothes, commemtary, amd mow the hair! "...roosters rummimg through..." - I almost died.

Lynn Tran said...

Love the sleek do!


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