Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Scene
I enjoyed quite a bit of champagne last night. Woke up feeling just how much. Ruh oh, says disapproving Hello Kitty in the background!

First Mommy Sunday in weeks. She is sporting one of the flattering summery tops I picked out for her at H&M last week.

Such pretty embroidery at the neckline. Such a pretty lady. Just look at her color block Marc hair clip. Like mother like daughter.

We enjoy a nice super chatty brunch followed by her first foray to Americana. She falls in love with its Main Street manufactured magic. We loll around a few hours but I don't spend a dime.

Am on a self-imposed shopping hiatus due to the Marc clutch purchase. Can't buy anything until my first paycheck in a week or two.

Well, can't buy anything for MYSELF. Bought Mr. Diabolina this funny tee I've been eyeing from the Latin Lingo (horrid name!) store at the Galleria.

Growing up that's how my grandmother always said Dodgers. As an ode to her that's how Mr. Diabolina and I say it. Hilarious inside joke that's clearly not so inside.

In the afternoon, we get devastating news. Find out that Mr. Saint's dad has passed away. AWFUL! Everyone is thankful that at least Mr Saint and his brother had the chance to fly in and spend time with him at the very end.

We head over to the house, spend some time with his mom and then go out to get some (stiff) drinks. Danny B comes too.

Mr. Saint looks dazed the whole time. Like he's somewhere else. All the boys do. I'm usually good at saying the right things in tough moments like these. But not tonight :(

So devastating that we are this old, that we are starting to lose our parents. Gut wrenching.

The Outfit
Gap stripped top
Theory wide legged white slacks

The Accessories
Silver rosette sandals
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Louis Vuitton earrings
Gucci Aviators

The Grade

The Commetary
The need to hide my mosquito devoured legs is driving me bonkers. Plus I wasn't feeling very inspired this morning, head pounding and all.

So just grabbed these white pants once again and donned the new Gap top that I knew my mom would find prim and sweet. Looks a little Scrubs too, no?

Didn't even feel up to accessorizing much. Kept everything super Sunday sparse. Even a fashionista deserves a day of rest :)

p.s. After perusing pics from the Costume Institute Gala at The Met (aka the real fashion Superbowl), I decree that most of the "stars" in attendance looked either boring or busted.

Ugh. No excuse for some of the frumpy, ill-fitting messes. Yes, I'm talking to you Rachel Bilson and Posh and Mischa.

At least my fellow Latinas represented in (Doyer) blue...

And I am adoring Katie's makeup, necklace, tanned shoulders, Suri-sleek bob, and THOSE BLUE SHOES saved that odd Wiz of Oz/Liberace/debutante dress.

Who do you think wins worst/best dressed?


Michelle said...

I loved Zac Posen and Kate Mara - their ensembles complimented each other very well.

Mary Kate Olsen looked cute but I didn't care much for the gold color but I liked the style of the dress overall.

Anna Wintour? I know it was huate couture Chanel but some things should just stay on the runway.

I was most disappointed with Kimora Lee Simmons - I would have expected something along the lines of fabulosity as she puts it.

I did like the contrasting blue shoe Katie wore but loved her hair even more.

Scarlett Johansson looked great.

Blake lively looked elegant as well as Julia Roberts.

Kate said...

I really liked Christina Ricci's dress.

You're right about Rachel Bilson and Mischa bad. Also Jennifer Connelly...I'm not appreciating that look at all. Definitely far more fug going on than there should be.

R said...

So sad for Mr. Saint. :(

amber said...

j. lo looks freaking awesome post-baby. wow!

Lynn Tran said...

Big hugs to Mr. Saint.

Digging the cute flats on your Mama.

Jean Bean said...

I must say I was extremely disappointed with DVF's dresses for the Olson twins, especially the gold one. Bea Arthur is not a superhero. Wait, no, she totally is.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

I thought Christina Ricci looked great, Kimora, Eva L(P), Kate, B...and just about everyone else looked just ehhhh. JLo and Eva Mendes did look pretty :)

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

oh, but Tom Brady and David B. (of course) looked super hot! :)

weezermonkey said...

You do realize that Mr. D will get BEATEN for that shirt, right?

We will have to leave one seat between us when we go to the game. I don't want to get beaten!

Jean Bean said...

Oh and I want to get married in that J. Mendel dress Ivanka wore. Even though I don't have her hooters.

Cee said...

what the hell is Jennifer Connelly wearing? It's hids.

At least mary kate & ashley don't look so homeless.

Love Christina Ricci's dress. dazzling. the rest of the dresses were snoozzers.

Cee said...

EEEE I was at Americana too! I couldn't believe that H&M and F21 was right next door. Such perfect spots. My cousin and I raided both stores. Sadness I didn't bump into you. Then i'd really be stalking you.

tam pham said...

you and your mommy are too cute for words. katie holmes looked great...very Cleopatra but in a good way...LOVED her blue shoes.


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