Friday, February 1, 2008

The Scene
Today at The Office it was "Wear your favorite jersey" day. Not to be confused with "Hawaiian Shirt Friday." We had a "Superbowl tailgate" complete with chili cook-off, barbecue and karaoke. I was waiting for Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute to walk through the door at any time. Sigh.

Decided not to be too cool for school and just represent 'SC.
My cuties concurred. Heart Styleminded's pink shoes.

Oh and super sore from bootcamp btw.

The Outfit
Seven straight leg jeans
Mossimo white long sleeved T
USC "8" jersey
Vintage black wool coat

The Accents
Black pashmina
Chanel black tote
Gucci black sunglasses
Steve Madden black boots
Canal Street earrings

The Grade
P (pass/fail scale today)

The Commentary
Athletic wear is not high fashion. No way around it. I always feel a bit self conscious wearing it because it's just not me aesthetically. But I do loves me some Trojan football so...

Decided to dress it up for work, make the look more me with the boots and the Chanel accents. Next football season I plan to be more creative. Maybe customize a few T-shirts. Or at least accessorize the shit out of the tees and sweatshirts :)

Ended up at at friend's show in east Hollywood. The music was pretty punky, Raging-Against-the-Machine style. Mr. Diabolina and I matched wearing velvet blazers. Mine was Theory. His Miu Miu. We kinda stuck out in the crowd of sweatshirts and tats.

But it feels good to get out of your element. Get a little destabilized, check out a different scene, change your perspective. I love that me and the Mr. do that quite a bit.

And it was great to see T perform. It had been a few years. Found out he toured Japan with this band when he was in college. People are so cool.

His band made a video for their song "Damone" as an ode to Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Pretty fun and funny.

Oh, and we saw David Carradine from Kill Bill at IHOP. Randomness!

Happy weekend. Try to do something new ;)


weezermonkey said...

The mister wears Miu Miu?! Impressive.

It is a good day when Mr. Monkey is wearing a t-shirt with neither stains nor holes.

amber said...

i'm digging your friend's #12 jersey. i have one of my own in navy. whee!

and i'm gonna overlook the usc gear.



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