Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Scene
Today was about as perfect a day as I get.

Mr. Diabolina awoke and announced he wanted to go shopping for a few things. Now this only happens about 4 times a year so I am always giddy and obliging when the mood strikes him. We hit the Grove for brunch followed by Banana, J Crew, Barney's Coop, Nordstrom's and then Gap. Nada that was to his liking. Boo.

We did score the dvd of King of Kong (we have a Shakey's style multicade in our house) and a 2 disc set of Julio Iglesias (we are taking my mom to his concert in April) and some orchids for the house.

One of Mr. Diabolina's favorite buddies from high school was in from London. The three of us went up to Griffith Observatory to check out the remodel and the sunset. It was gorgeous up there. I forget how breathtaking it is. And romantical especially for two boys who only see each other a few times a year.

The three of us then hit an art opening of a friend of The Riz at a little gallery on Fairfax. Great stuff, free wine and coolio outfits by the peeps perusing the art. Got to meet The Riz's new lady. Very striking with legs for days. Yum.

Had dinner at Tom Bergin's and had quite a few pints of Guiness while we caught up and joked. So fun. Ended the night at home with a little King of Kong hilarity and ice cream sandwiches.

The Outfit
Blue Cult jeans
Burberry vintage trench
Marc Jacobs tomato ruffled top

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Irina brown tote
Marc Jacobs pointy tomato flats
Vintage checked scarf
Gold leaf earrings

The Grade


The Commentary
The other day Sable Crow commented that often he builds outfits from the ground up i.e. starts with the shoes. I do that quite a bit too. But today I built the outfit around my new scarf. I am loving it. It is very on trend for spring. Kinda retro feel. The yummy swirl of colors makes it easy to mix with alot of pieces.

Wish I had been sassier at the art show (there were lots of colored tights and boots there.) But think the outfit transitioned well for the four vastly different settings we hit.

Loving that today we just flowed. We didn't rush or over plan or stress. We just went where the day took us. Need to do that more.


weezermonkey said...

So sad the Mister didn't find anything.

Mr. Monkey does not shop. I just bring him things and hope they fit. Whether he actually likes said things is not my concern. He will wear it, and he will like it. Bwahahahaha.

fancypants said...

Mr. Fancypants is usually paralyzed with fear when I take him shopping. He hates to spend money on clothes and shoes. Baby steps with him!

Kate said...

That really does sound like a nice day. Was one of the items on Mr.'s list was something fierce for B's party? So excited that you guys are coming. Can't wait to see you, get our party on, show you our house, and introduce you to Tiger. Prepare to fall in love btw. He will charm you right quick. Oh, and last night he spontaneously sang the Fight Song. That kid is bringing it hard.


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