Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Scene
My mom and I love Super Bowl Sunday. It means the stores are significantly less crowded :)

Just when I think she can't get any she sports her new DKNY jeans, a great cowl neck sweater we bought at the Barney's outlet, DELICIOUS Marc shoes and her Dior bag. I love these two tone pearl earrings and of course the Marc buckle of her sunnies.

After a leisurely start, we checked out the newest Forever 21 outpost, picked up her new bedroom curtains and gorged on our fave sushi. Gabbed about the evolution of friendships quite a bit today.

The Outfit
Mossimo grey and yellow dress
Black leggings
Parisian vintage eggshell trench

The Accessories
New York kitten heel pointy black boots
Black pashmina
Yello bangle
Chanel black tote

The Grade

The Commentary
I bought this dress during my lunch hour on Thursday at Tarjay. It was on sale for $11.49. The print is delish as is the detail at the neck. The cut of the dress is totally off though. That's clearly why it was marked down. I had to buy an XS and even that is still a bit sacky on my size 8 frame.

I like it though. You can wear it a bunch of different ways. Tied at your natural waist or tied low to create a bit of a bubble effect or worn completely loose. It will be a cute spring dress with sandals and a tan.

Feels forced with all the black for winter but I was just dying to give it a whirl. The outfit was definitely a miss today but I gave myself a bit of leeway given the fact that the rain scrambles my brain ;)

Haven't worn these boots in a while but enjoyed dusting them off. Bought them about 5 years ago for about $150 which was a pretty penny for me back then. The pointy toe feels dated but the sleekness of the boot and kitten heel still really appeal to me. Plus now that I can pair them with a Chanel bag, they feel new again.


Emily said...

Your blog is so great! Loving the outfits and in Chile on a tight budget doesn´t allow for too much fab shopping, but I´m slowly discovering fun boutiques and putting together a "20something" wardrobe as opposed to the college jeans and T combo. Thanks for the inspiration!

weezermonkey said...

Wait, wait, wait. Pointy toes are dated now?!

[crying at thought of all my pointy-toed shoes at home]

Cee said...

No way are those boots dated. They are still classics and I should dust mine too.

Da Fashionista said...

emily, you are so cute!! thanks for writing! glad i can help. i remember how tough that transition was - sounds like you are going about it the right way tho. kisses!

no, mama monkey. not to fret. it's just that the boots nowadays are so varied - wedge heels, slouchy, etc.

these pointy ones are classics tho as lilcee says. very professional. just not "of the moment" as much as they were in 2002ish.

carry on fashionista monkey.


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