Saturday, February 10, 2018

Things to Do With Kids: Home Depot Kids Workshops

If you're going to have kids, I highly recommend doing it at the exact same time as your best girlfriend.


You can be scared shitless together while growing tiny aliens in your tummies. 


She can teach you how to hold a newborn properly.  


And really how to do everything properly.


Three years into this mommy thing, she is still teaching me things like the Home Depot Kids Workshops. Bless.

Now I love my kid but CHRIST, toddlers are like energizer bunnies on speed. Ms. VV goes NON-STOP from about 7 am until her 2:30 pm nap time. That means a mama who wants to stay sane needs to find new shit to do ALL THE TIME.

That's why it's invaluable when a friend shares a tip like Jean Bean did.  Months ago, she told me Home Depot does fun workshops for kids: They get to build something cool and take it home, all for the right price: FREE. Sign me up.

But I didn't because for some CRAY reason Home Depot doesn't tout it on its website.   I mean, this is the kind of warm fuzzy community building that brands usually shout from the rooftops. But you either have to know about it, stumble on one or figure it out on the site.

 Well, around the holidays, I tried, couldn't and promptly forget about it. Because mom brain.

Thankfully, I got an ad on Facebook with a reminder that it happens the first Saturday of the month. (Yes, I just thanked an ad on FB and yes, FB now knows I am now a slave to my child and not fashion.)  I registered on the site and showed up bright and early on a Saturday because KIDS. She was ready to work and werk it like Wonder Woman.


It was already packed by the time we got there so definitely register. In addition to the project kit, your tiny dictator will get a free kid-sized orange apron and commemorative pin for each project. They can collect pins. Super nerdy scout cute. 


YOU KNOW, my child loves a GRATIS accessory/gift bag/anything as much as mama. Also note what I gleaned from said apron and NOT from the company website: this program has been happening for 20 YEARS. I've since talked it up to half a dozen know-it-all moms who had NO idea. Hence this post. 


This month's project was a V-day bean bag toss.  Genius.


My love bug loved every hammering, painting, sticking, chucking minute of it.




I loved the creativity of it, the developmental appropriateness, playing with the toy SHE MADE at home and realizing I can get arts and crafts products for her at Home Depot. Never thought of that.


Best way to kill an hour that we've found in LONG TIME. The best part: thanking Jean Bean for the rec and finding out her love bug had done the same thing that morning. Thousands of miles away. And he had the Valentine's Day pin to prove it.


Almost as sweet as being together.

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Bruce the Gray said...

How great! Free bean bag box! (And then they sell you bean bags for $40?)

Da Fashionista said...

they GIVE you bean bags in the kit! it is honestly one of the best grifts out there


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