Sunday, January 1, 2012

My First Christian Louboutins

This fall, my mom and I graced many a store in NYC with our Angeleno-ness.


Focused on the ones we don't have in LA: Topshop, Century 21, Uniqlo and Henri Bendel


But our favorite shopping spot in the city remains the shoe salon at Bergdorf's. Was made even bigger a month before our trip. Clearly someone heard we were coming. 


My mom fell in love with many a beautifully sensible shoe there. But ultimately the glittery Louboutin below edged out the Prada pilgrim above.


Your first perfect pair of Louboutins = smug Mamalina smile.


So smug was my little mama that when we got to the hotel that night, she got in her jammies AND her Loubies.


Fast-forward to December, and my mom casually announced she'd like to get me my first pair of red soles for Christmas. She was thinking a classic nude peep toe. I was thinking, mmm-hmmm, anything you say, YAY!!!!


In the ensuing weeks, we did some serious and delicious reconnaissance at Neiman Marcus.  Decided a patent would be a sound investment.  A leg-lengthening nude.  But a carmel-y brown-girl nude, not a pinkie white-girl nude.


Heel height was also critical. We didn't want it towering (I'm old and can't handle over five inches anymore). But my mom thought I should get a heel higher than her Marcia Balla kittens. To, you know, really flash that red sole ;) 


So a few days before Christmas, these little Very Prive beauties arrived at my office.


After I called my mom to thank her, she texted me a picture of these Louboutins and asked me if I liked them better.


She thinks she's wildly hilarious.


I texted her this picture of the paw Loubies and said they were her X-mas present. 



Anonymous said...

What an awesome gift, happy new year!

perfumeorpoison said...

happy new year!
those shoes are really a classic, cant wait to see how you style them.
and those paw loubies remind me of those god awful margielas from a few years back,ugh.

fshnonmymind said...

Your mama is awesome!! What a fabulous gift and I know you would get a ton of wear out of such a neutral color.

adeleno5 said...

How cute - and generous- is your mom? Love the new shoes.

Ala Cortez said...

so pretty, you and your mama...AND THE SHOES!! ;)

Unknown said...

Your mom is sooo adorable and I love her first pair ;). Happy New Years ladies!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! You and your Mum are so cute! Congrats on your new pair of Loubs :)


Ro said...

You and your mama are adorable and what a fabulous Christmas gift! Happy New Year!

lookrichbitch said...

*air kisses*

Jean Bean said...

Nude for browns. Yes!

Mary Ann said...

What a nice present from your mom!

East of Highland said...

"carmel-y brown-girl nude, not a pinkie white-girl nude" As a fellow brown girl, I knew exactly what you mean LOL Congrats on the new babies!! xoxo, Jo


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