Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Wear Red Pants

The Scene

We spent our second Christmas in Las Vegas this year. The best concentration of world-class restaurants AND luxury stores that never close?  What more does a fashionista pig need over the holidays. 




Only two adorable and hilarious partners in crime. 




Perfect place and perfect company to spend one of the best Christmases of my life. 

The Outfit
H&M top
Ann Taylor pants
Ellie Tahari coat

The Accessories
Target booties
Forever 21 necklace and braclets
Louis Vuitton bag

The Grade


The Commentary

Finally broke down and joined the hep young kids this summer by getting me some colored denim. Been obsessed with colored bottoms (does that sound gross to you too?) ever since.

Been dying to find the perfect pair of red slacks for months. Had my eye on several pairs from the likes of Tibi and J Crew. All over $200.  Eff that.

 I got my J Brand-lookalike red jeans for less than $30 so I figured I could stay below $100 for pants.  And lo and behold, Santa heard my wish.  In Las Vegas, on Christmas Eve, I found this pair for 50% off at Ann Taylor. Loooooving the high-water look. Tres awkward chic. 


Much like my new little booties. Like colored denim, I'd disdained these little fugly functional booties for what's felt like a year. But finally I came around a few weeks ago when I FINALLY got the so fugs-they-are-cute appeal.  Even more appealing: just $25 at Tar-jay. Not even Isabel Marant can get me to pay $600 for ugly.  


Added a little Vegas bling to the look with this necklace. LOVING it lately.


Let me tell you the whole look was STUPEFYING to most Vegas-goers.  Probably because there was nothing sexy about it.  Man repelling fashion at it's finest. 

The Inspiration

photo-11goldnecklace isabel_marant_dicker_boot photo-8 chioma-nnadi-5-days-008_121139689256 204210164323279919_cUioUW1m_c Katie-Holmes-in-Isabel-Marant-Dicker-Boots 148970700143817358_EQoXTWWs_c 238901955202885897_CuDreH4C_c


lookrichbitch said...

are the stores really open on xmas day in vegas??

i gotta bring my red cords to LA. we can be twinsies! see you in a few days! hooray!

Manmeet Sachdev said...

love the pics :)

Cathy of Eyelash Growth Products said...

Love the pictures you did great! Nice outfits and the colors are so young. Nice post!


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