Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trevor Live 2011: Little Black Dresses

The Scene

Earlier this month, I attended Trevor Live, the premiere annual fundraising event for the Trevor Project in LA. It was my third. (Here are my 2009 and 2010 posts.)


But this year's event was my first one attending as a board member. Best.New.Accessory.EVER.


So this year, I was less about the OOC cocktails.


And more about my duties, primarily thanking supporters and volunteers.

dianne molina photos 163

And schmoozing with the donors at Sable Crow's table

dianne molina photos 151

After the dinner, I could finally relax and enjoy the AH-mazing show directed by Adam Shankman.


Our MC was the one, the only Amy Poehler.

dianne molina photos 168

Soooo many high-profile faces graced the stage this year---a real testament to how much the organization has grown in a few short years.

dianne molina photos 173

dianne molina photos 175

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dianne molina photos 176

dianne molina photos 205

This American Idol kid was one of the evening's highlights with an awe-inspiring rendition of O Holy Night!

dianne molina photos 179

dianne molina photos 188

Best celebrity encounter of the night was with Christina Hendricks. Walked into the ladies room and there she was. I gushed, "Omygod! It's you!"  Told her I adore Mad Men and thanked her so much for supporting. She was lovely lovely lovely!

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dianne molina photos 186

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Michelle was prettier than Zac if you can believe it.

dianne molina photos 195

dianne molina photos 191

Let's talk about Leann Rimes. So given all the tabloid chatter about her, I will admit I had my opinions about her. But, let me tell you, I am a converted, full-fledged fan of her talent. Her performance was one of the most beautiful I've heard in my life. What a voice!

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The most touching moment of the night came when Gaga accepted the Trevor Hero Award from the family of Jamey Rodemeyer, the bullied New York teen who committed suicide this September. Gaga said the honor meant more to her than winning any Grammy.  

dianne molina photos 268

And I have to say my increased involvement with the cause this year is one of my proudest achievements of 2011. Can't wait for what 2012 will bring Trevor.

The Outfit
Nanette Lepore dress (seen here before way back in 2009)

The Accessories
Chanel purse
Gucci jacket
Alexander McQueen heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Was feeling the pressure to look Board of Directors-y this year and opted for a tried and true LBD. THis dress invariably makes me feel polished and pretty. Knew I'd be working the room and this dress is the definition of comfortable. The forgiving retro shape doesn't require spanxing it up (which helps) and it's got pockets. Not a standout look but event-appropriate.

dianne molina photos 162

Was dying to wear color to stand out amongst all the boys in black but ultimately decided it'd be best to work with the pops of red via the lips and the bag.

dianne molina photos 136

Interestingly, my shoes were the accessories that got the most attention. Although Mr. D's new Louis Vuittons and Sable Crow's alligators were my faves of the night.

dianne molina photos 101

Speaking of shoes and pops of red, I did fall for these little Loubies that were part of the silent auction. They would have been mine if they'd been a 9 instead of an 8. Fie on my enormous feets.

dianne molina photos 155

But the most dreamy fashion auction item of the night was one that I helped coordinate with Mr. Brad Goreski's help.  It was a NYC shopping extravaganza.  The winner received airfare to the city, a stay at the Mercer, a priceless wardrobe consultation with Brad and a shopping spree at some of his favorite places: Barney's, Macy's, Kate Spade and Tommy Hilfiger. 

dianne molina photos 229

It was the night's top live auction item bringing in $12,000!!! Was so proud.  And it's only the beginning of my plan to bring more fashion brands, influencers and lovers into the Trevor fold.

What the Stars Wore

LBDs were the look of the night.


Always chic and elegant.


Loved Dianna's pops of red.


And Zoe's. Very Diabolina.


Alas, Miss Piggy was the star that probably bore the closest resemblance to me. Sigh.

dianne molina photos 209

Loved Mary J's belted and banged look

dianne molina photos 276

Christina kept it simple in separates. 


As did Ricki in a turtleneck and leather skirt.


Julie had my favorite look of the night in skin tight leather. Perfect for the occasion.


Gaga minus the gloves would have been a close second. Adored the headpiece.

Fergie was one of the few stars doing her own thing in a bedazzled number.


Very ala my look in 2009---minus the feathers.

Picnik collage

The standout of the night for me again tho was Leann Rimes.  She was wearing a gorgeous flowy green number. Found out later it was designed by Dallas blogger-turned-designer Nini. AMAZING.


But the shoes were my favorite part of the look: McQueen.
Great minds...


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

What a great organization to be involved with! BTW, you look incredibly sexy.

sarahwl said...

Can't believe you only gave yourself a "pass"-- you looked fabulous! Maybe a little understated, but given your role in the evening it totally made sense. I think you deserve an A! :)

Kimberly said...

What an amazing event! You looked gorgeous for it too.

adeleno5 said...

I agree with Sarahwl, you look adorable in that dress! Way better than a pass.

lookrichbitch said...

my girl crush on you has exploded to full on fatal attraction, girl. watch out.

Tameka said...

I think you look amazing and very chic! I am *dying* over your shoes.

Zoe Saldana is my fave dress of the night...she looks amazing!

East of Highland said...

Smart, stunning, funny and a philanthropist. Just a few of the many reasons why we adore you and your blog!


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