Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JewelMint Giveaway

Kate Bosworth is one of my all time fave style stars. This recent Proenza Schouler look is my version of FEROSH perfection. It strikes a unique balance of chic and edgy.


Kate has an enviable way of working the uptown princess vibe 





With the same ease as she rocks downtown hipster style





But it's her ability to accessorize that I find the most inspring.

Kate Bosworth departing from LAX


Kate Bosworth At The London West Hollywood Hotel

That's why I was THRILLED when I was gifted with a little delicious treat from JewelMint, Kate's genius jewelry club that she started with her friend and stylist Cher Coulter. All the pieces are priced right at $29.99 each and are designed with a variety of "style personalities" in mind.


Love how the bronze zipper works with some gold spikes and Peridot Chanel nails.


Wore it every day last weekend during our trip to Illinois, where this LA girl FINALLY mastered the art of layering for cold weather. Only took me 34 years. Not all of us come out of the womb like Kate ;)

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 266_421

We were in Illinois for this guy: Mr. Saint, one of Mr. Diabolina's BFFs from high school (and one of the few people that can make Mr. D look short.)

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 295_450

Mr. Saint is a bit of a gambling devil so my bracelet and I hit the casinos with him...

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 302_457

And later in the weekend, we witnessed Mr.Saint double down on the best bet he's ever made. LOVE!
Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 365_520

To celebrate the happy newlyweds, I'm hosting a JewelMint giveaway. To enter, leave a comment below before next Wednesday at 5 pm PST and you'll be entered to win my second favorite bracelet from Kate and Cher's site, the Golden Goose bracelet:


In your comment, let me know what style question you have for Kate Bosworth and she'll (eeeeks!!) answer them by video for all of us. I die.


Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

First off, I love both bracelets! I just might have to get the zipper one. Second, this is my first comment after reading your amazing blog for so long...ok, not that long...a year haha. Third, I would like to ask Kate what the key is to making casual outfits easy and fun without looking "too casual"? Thanks!

Andrea said...

Love me some Kate. She makes it look so easy. I die for that bracelet! My question for Kate would be, "Does she gravitate towards clothes that are "on trend" or more of what her mood is at the time?

gina said...

Love both bracelets and I love your wedding ring. Is that 3 different rings or one? And then question for Kate is one of beauty rather than fashion...what is her skincare routine? Her face always looks so fresh and flawless!

Kyle said...

That bracelet is adorable.

My question for Kate is, who are her favorite style influences, whose next outfit is she always dying to see?

Meli said...

I HEART both bracalets :) <3

I am SO BAD!!! I LOVE your blog and never take that extra minute to show you SOME LOV'N :p
Promise:: I will start leaving you comments

b.b. said...

Great bracelet! I'm wondering if Kate would have any advice for accessorizing an all-black work wardrobe as my job just switched to this dress code! Thanks!

Take Care :)

helen said...

Love this adorable bracelet. Simple but yet makes a statement, much like Kate's style.

The question I would ask Kate would be: For those who unfortunately can't afford the great designer items, what is your favorite stores to shop at to follow the current trends and for classic pieces?

Great giveaway!

Maddie said...

Love the bracelets and your style is so cool. My question for Kate is how can I make a denim pussy bow blouse cool during the fall.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't know jewelmint had such nice looking things. Love the bracelet! I would ask Kate if she considers herself a style icon.

Valley of the Shoes said...

Very cool bracelets! My question for Kate is what her favorite thing to wear when it's cold outside (non-LA weather)?

Sheila said...

Love the bracelets! Kate: if you had to choose one piece of jewelry you would wear all winter, what would it be?

yanswim888 said...

So awesome! This is such an exciting giveaway and I would love to win! I'm so interested in JewelMint now! Kate: What would you say are the best accessories for professional clothing for work? Thanks for doing this giveaway!

ThePeeper said...

Fun! Have been loving the JewelMint website but haven't joined yet. Wondering about the quality of the pieces but they look great in the pic. I'm sure it will look just as good on my own arm. ;)
My style question: What's the best way to ease into accessorizing if you're not used to wearing a lot jewelry?

fshnonmymind said...

I'm been a JewelMint fan for quite some time and always look forward to the beginning of the month so I can see what's new.

My question for Kate would be: For those of us who can't afford a stylist, how do you go about developing and fine-tuning your style?


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