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Halloween 2011: Anna Wintour Costume

The Scene

This Halloween, Sable Crow outdid himself. He not only made our English major nerds dreams come true with this flawless Bill Shakespeare lewk, he actually MADE the doublet himself. So talented. Also LOVE him for the Robert Pattison cutout in the background!

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0559_141

He also came up with the most genuis Halloween party theme: come as the person you'd most want to have dinner with.

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0576_155

For Mr. Diabolina, that meant dusting off his tried and true Howard Stern wig and sunglasses/nose concoction. Never gets old.  

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0556_138

For Sable Crow's colleague that was Princess Di.
Missoni NM DailyDSCN0557_139

His manfriend: a scantily clad King Tut.

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0558_140

Our other friends rounded out the dinner party with The Pope, Andy Warhol, and Barack Obama (not pictured.)

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0570_150

And for me: the one, the only, the devil in Prada: Anna Wintour!!!

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0563_145

After a few rounds of drinks, the wigs came off and the deliciously intelligent conversation flowed. We all shared what questions we'd have for each character and that spun us off into discussions on politcs, art, religion, media, literature, reality TV, publishing as well as the evolution of how both homosexuals and women have been perceived by society. Think it was the most adult Halloween of my life.
Missoni NM DailyDSCN0575_154

Leave it to Sable Crow.

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0574_153

The Costume
Kay Unger little black dress
Banana Republic nubby coat
Valentino heels
Prada sunglasses
My mom's fur collar and Henri Bendel necklace
New pitch fork and wig
Marked up Vogue Magazine

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0562_144

The Commentary
I've been crazy swamped at work and life so I needed an EASY costume. Narrowed it down to Coco Chanel and Anna Wintour. Knew I had the basics for both costumes in my closet already. The wig would be the only purchase necessary. Ended up settling on Anna Wintour because I figured her severe straight bob would be easier to find than Coco's finger curl '20s mop. Lucked out with this $29 beauty at a wig shop on Wilshire.


The pitchfork was a last minute stroke of genius. As was the marked up Vogue magazine. Included post it notes that said "No! No! No!!!!" "Grace, you cunt!" and "Perfect...for whores! F!!"

Missoni NM DailyDSCN0569_149

William would be proud!

My Favorite Friend Costumes

Jean Bean as Margot Tenenbaum. A+. My bff as my fantasy actress bff gives me BIG lady wood.


Silver Haired Fox and Mr. Architect as "certified professional organizers specializing in compulsive hoarding." These men are my personal heaven.

Styleminded as the prettiest Black Swan in San Francisco. Love her. Miss her.

My Favorite Famous Costumes

Lea as the white swan. Perfect.


Paris as Shera in similar headgear. Inspired.

Nicole Richie as a pretty J Lo circa the Bennifer days. I did the same costume back then. Except I wore a white track suit and veil with my big pink diamond engagement ring. Mr. Diabolina dressed as Ben with a Boston RedSox ball cap and douche facial hair. Don't think we got as much props as we deserved.


Most frightening award: Heidi Klum. Bitch brings it EVERY YEAR! Look at the shoe detail!


Most unrecognizable: Debra Messing. AAAAADORE!


And Michael Kors!!!


Prettiest Disney princess: Gwen Stefani


Best Today Show costumes ever: The Royal Wedding reanactment!

But most timely costume award goes to: Kelly and Nick as the newlywed divorcees Kim and Kris


From the looks of Kim's Poison Ivy costume, home skillet already appears to be on the hunt for husband number three.


Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

What an ingenious idea for a Halloween party! All the costumes were rocking. I love your Anna!

lookrichbitch said...


Jean Bean said...

Wow, you all knocked the theme out of the park. Impressed! Not surprised.


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