Friday, May 20, 2011

Videos: Turbands, Gwyneth Raps & Jean Bean Tweets

1. Turbans? Soooo last year. It's all about turBANDS now, beotch. Hermes do-rags, if you will. I want to live in them this summer. THRILLED I found this easy tutorial. Rocking one, like, tomorrow.  p.s dare you not to fall in love with because i'm addicted's pretty kitty eyes in this video.


2. Gwynnie. Straight Out of Compton. AND Geoffrey Rush. Yes, it happened and you gotta watch. You're welcome.

3. Jean Bean was in Naples this week...eating and learning about couture for men (we're talking $50,000 suits) and generally, not paying attention to me. So I was thrilled to get some her time even if it was in this local news story.

LOOOOVE when she says "laces" and taps aways on her Blackberry so intently you'd think she was launching a rocket and rocks pretty eye makeup. Don't so much love that the story makes it seem tweeting is all Jean Bean does. Um, she's also driving Neiman's editorial voice through the blog she single-handedly launched.

Also wish the story had mentioned how she has a master's in journalism from Columbia and was a journalist for a decade before getting her "dream job." It's just not responsible journalism making little girls think you don't have to work hard and be smart to end up doing fun, glam things for a living.

Happy weekend, pretties!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I LOLed at Gwyneth's rapping!!! HOLY SH!TE, that was funny. I also have an affinity for dirty rap music :)

Annabelle said...

Wow I just got a Juicy scarf I'll have to try those Turband styles and with my Tyra forehead I need it lol!

Seriously Jean Bean has the best job ever!


lookrichbitch said...

I don't think I have a big head... until I put on a headband and it squeezes my head like no other.


adeleno5 said...

I am in love with head scarf trend, but I always feel a little schlubby Rhoda Morgenstern when I attempt it. Probably because my boyfriend looks at me with confusion/revulsion...but I will persevere and try out the I Love Lucy tomorrow.

geri hirsch said...

thank you for the link love! xx

Jean Bean said...

I wasn't ignoring you! I had no network! It was a disaster. I didn't even call TC for 5 days.


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