Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I Tried On and What I Bought in SoHo

So I mentioned Topshop was a derth the first Saturday I got to NYC. I couldn't believe I didn't want a single thing in there. I usually have to narrow down 10 things to 5.

So a week later, I decided to go back with my mom and see if the stock had rotated. And sure enough, everything was in a different spot. Still, sadly, nothing TDF though.

Found these fun Asian granny printed pants.

Fashion Blog Diary 240

Liked how the wide leg pair looked like a skirt. Liked but didn't love.

Fashion Blog Diary 238

The fit of this pair was amaze. And yet, I wasn't gonna die without them.

Fashion Blog Diary 239

Tried on the shorts version for shits and giggles. Too short without tights.

Fashion Blog Diary 241

Am suddenly gaga for scallops so beelined for this pair of shorts. Sadly, they kinda just hung on my 33 year old butt and didn't do me any favors. Not gouda.

Fashion Blog Diary 243

The only thing I fell in deep lust with at Topshop was this jumper.
Fashion Blog Diary 237

The collar was soooo Miu Miu.

Fashion Blog Diary 244

But alas the 6 was too tight across the hips and the 8 was too enormous across the chest. Boo.
Left emptyhanded and headed to Canal Street. Where I tend to hit the motherload, This trip was no exception: one necklace, two hair clips, 8 bracelets and two headbands.

fashion blog 033

Pearly kitties and interlocking C's

fashion blog 034

Studs, gold and pops of orange

fashion blog 035

Delish clovers

fashion blog 036

 And headbands that would do Blair Waldorf proud

fashion blog 037

Heading back to NYC this summer for work again.
Fingers crossed I fare better at Topshop and as well on Canal Street.


Mr.Diabolina said...

Mr. Diabolic can't believe how much you saved on Canal. Good job.

Unknown said...

Collier de chien!? Amazing!

Lenya said...

Soo amazing. LOVE it all.

Anonymous said...

So jealous of the CDC cuffs!!

fshnonmymind said...

So that's where you got your orange Hermes-esque bracelet!! I saw it on Twitter and wondered if you got the real deal or if it was the one at Target.
I love the color and this just makes me want to hop that bus up to NYC. I love Soho!!

Sheila said...

I'm so jealous of the jewelry!


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