Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspired by Into the Gloss and The Coveteur

With Mr. Diabolina away for the last 4 weeks (another 8 to go---wah!), I've been trolling fashion online more than usual. WAAAY more.

Been discovering tons of new bloggers and devouring visuals like I snarf cupcakes---quickly and furtively.

The most inspiring recent finds: Into the Gloss and The Coveteur. These blogs give you GORGEOUSLY  stylized peeks into the homes/closets/beauty cabinets of fashion insiders. It's purses and perfumes and Prada. Ugh it's basically my porn.








These two sites are inspiring me to get into photography. Which I've talked about a million times over the last decade but never actually done. This time I'm pondering getting a real camera and maybe asking photographer friends to tutor me. We shall see.

For now I'm going to play with my little point and shoot and with Flickr saturation. Going to look for little vignettes to photo, to train my eye, to find beauty in the everyday. After all there is SO MUCH eye candy (aka Diabolina messiness) strewn all around my house.
Signal LA 014

Like all the trinkets that accumulate in my living room...most recently on my Phillip Lim look book.

Signal LA 015

The magazines that seem to be taking over the house while Mr. Diabolina is away (he hates my piles of crazy but they feeeeed me.) Here's Lucky (which is really shaping up under the direction of my former colleague Brandon Holley) on my new chair.  Love this chair. It's where I do most of my blogging of late. I picked out the fabric because it reminded me of Missoni.

Signal LA 018

Snarled jewelry piles on my night stand. Tip: your stuff looks less Hoarders and more Harper's Bazaar if it's in designer boxes.

Signal LA 016

My favorite hat on our doll form/coat stand. p.s. That's a DVF sash and Vuitton ribbon on her waist. She fancy.  

Signal LA 020

The candle and lotion I am loving right now.

Signal LA 021

My fave beauty products of late: Morrocan Oil, Peter Thomas eye lash kit, Nars lipstick, Chanel shadows.

Signal LA 019

Real Valentino studded heels and faux ones courtesy of Zara.

Signal LA 017

And the orchid Mr. Diabolina bought me the last time he was home.  <3


lookrichbitch said...


Jessica said...

Do it! With all the places you cover here on the blog you definitely consider getting into photography. So many other fashion bloggers do it, so why not?

Jordana said...

yaaaah! So excited to see you embarking on a new adventure! I would love love love to do some tutoring :-)

jenn said...

I love this post! Yes, your fashion posts are amazing, but this is YOUR stuff, which frankly, is the seal of approval for gals like me. (i.e., you just confirmed that, yes, I do like the Moroccan Oil as much as i thought i did!) Thanks! :)

Jen said...

the moroccan oil sounds amazing! also love the shoes.


The Cougar Librarian said...

Adore Into the Gloss!

Love using accessories as decoration on my dresser (although I don't know if the hub agrees.) Currently do it with my statement necklaces, and eventually would like to do it with my evening bags.


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