Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Wear Print Pants

Fashion Diary 039

The Outfit
Urban Outfitters print pants
H&M top
Tahari ruffle coat

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Chloe wedges
Chanel bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

I've been dreaming of one day attempting printed pants since I saw this DKNY Spring 2010 look. It is chic, easy, mixed-prints perfection. It literally haunts my dreams.


So when I saw these floral printed pants at UO I nearly keeled over. The shape was the kind of odd I know works with my body---fitted at the waist, slouchy acorss the hips, and slim in the legs. They fit like a glove, very flattering. Well, in a man-repelling kind of way.

Case in point: Mr. Diabolina buried his head in hands when he saw them, shaking his head and lamenting, "O my goodness. I really don't understand these." At that moment I gave this outfit an A+. Done.

Fashion Diary 044

Got another sign from the Universe that me and these pants were meant to be today. My mom and I finally went to check out the TJ Maxx in Santa Monica for the first time. My jaw dropped when I saw the very print that inspired the outfit, there waiting for me. What are the odds? Haven't seen it in stores in a year.
Fashion Diary 041

Next time I plan to do a stripped or floral top instead of the plain black with the floral necklace.

Fashion Diary 042

But when attempting a high degree of fashion difficulty, it's like Bob said: baby steps.
The Inspiration





Picnik collage1


Dries Van Noten print pants







DRIES VAN NOTEN Paris SS2010 10/04/09


The Reality TV Star Sightings

Saw Kyle from RHOBH on the Promenade today. Noticed the gorgeous long ponytail first. Then the fur vest. Then the Chanel bag.

Still hadn't recognized her since she was tinier than I imagined. We're talking my mom's size. And just as turned away from her, I saw her older daughters. When she called out, "Portia" to a little curly haired baby, I knew. 

They were leaving as we were coming in. And then as we were paying for our haul a half hour later, the girls came back. They said Kyle had left her credit card behind.  F21 employees seemed baffled.

Forever's not the best place to leave anything behind. Hope they found it.


Not an hour later, I found myself behind that Michelle from The Bachelor. You know the bananas who gave herself a black eye in her sleep. 

We were at Wasteland. She was with another contestant from the show. She kept bugging her eyes out at me. "Recognize me" they pleaded. Ugh. So I tried to look at her as vacantly as possible. 


Snapped this sneaky shot for ya. She was skinny minnie, standard hot chick outfit, GORGE hair, pretty made up face. Too bad the energy was witCHY. 


I love that I told my mom about both reality TV stars. She peeped 'em but really she couldn't have cared less. She just wanted to go to Anthropologie.  

Fashion Diary 040


Renee said...

I can actually relate...I was never really a fan of printed trousers until I found a nice printed pants at Topshop. I wore it for the first time today and it wasn't that bad! It's nice to break away from the usual once in a while. So far I am loving it!


adeleno5 said...

I don't think the suburbs are quite ready for me in printed pants (you should have seen the looks I got in the grocery store wearing a floral/leopard mix), but I love that you are working them. Looking forward to seeing the way you style them next time : )

fshnonmymind said...

The printed pants intrigue me. I saw a pair of printed pants on F21's website and thought they were cute, but harem pants aren't my style.

Love this outfit and you make a girl want to take a new fashion risk. :)

Jean Bean said...

With the red print top would have been awesome! Very advanced skill.


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