Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion Diary Day 29: Stripes, Military Green & Miu Miu Mary Janes

ss 437

The Outfit
Zara pants
Daryl K sweater

The Accessories
Chanel bag and earrings
Miu Miu mary janes
J Crew belt
Marc by MJ necklace
Fashion District cuff

The Grade

The Commentary
Spent most of the day running around town in a romper. But in the evening the temperature dropped and for the first time in weeks, it felt like winter in lalaland. F.

Got pretty discombobulated when it came time to get dressed for Mr. Architect's birfday party (where, sadly, there was no repeat of The Great Cake Incident of 2008.)
ss 438

Opted to keep things casual and Teen Voguette, mixing military with stripes and some edgy but posh accessories. The belt was a stroke of genius, me thinks. Inspired by my mani.

ss 436

Felt like resulting outfit was a little nutty, very man repeller.
ss 439

Though the shoes are always a hit---man, woman or child, you can't not smile when you see em. Heart.

The Inspiration









adeleno5 said...

If I saw all these items laid out, I would not necessarily think that they work together, but they really do. Maybe it's just Diabolina magic, but I love this outfit.

Emily said...

I agree, very Taylor Tomasi Hill. I love the pop of color with the belt.

lookrichbitch said...

man repelling outfits are the best! when hubs asks me what the heck i'm wearing, i know i did good.


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