Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fashion Diary Day 12: Long Skirt

ss 283

The Outfit
American Apparel sweatshirt
Forever 21 skirt
BCBG leather jacket

The Accessories
Phillip Lim Edie leopard bag
Chloe booties
DIY necklace thing
Fashion District ring
Marc Jacobs sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

Still obsessed with and confuzzled by the long skirt thing.  Determined to get it right eventually. Glad that they are sticking around for another season. Maybe eventually I'll feel fabulous in long hemlines. And not like I took a religious vow.


Added the fun accessories to help counter the frump factor.

ss 282

And the blingy bib necklace/breastplate craziness I made with my mom over a year ago.
ss 288

Meh outfit but hey, at least I'm trying to challenge myself.  

The Inspiration








perfumeorpoison said...

i'm gushing over this outfit. wish you could style me (but you're a bit far as i live in :)

bridget said...

I still remember the other post i saw of you wearing the DIY bib necklace. I'm pretty sure it included army green shorts??? Anyway I love that necklace and always thought you should rock it more. Love it in this post too!

adeleno5 said...

I'm wearing a long skirt today and feeling similar trepidation. I like the idea, but in the execution I wonder if it screams "super-religious" or "cankles"?

alcollin said...

I am still trying to find the perfect long skirt . . . I love this trend but can't seem to find a maxi skirt that fits my body right! :( They are either not "flared" enough for me or the length isn't long enough and I feel as though I end up looking stupid . . . I will prevail though and become the owner of an beautiful maxi skirt! LOL!


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