Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Wear Red Pants: Ugly Christmas Party

I've been loving the idea of red pants all year. But in reality, it's a pretty tough look for us non-model human types to pull off. And don't even get me started about how pricey Balmain and Isabel Marant leather versions are.


But recently I remembered I had a pair of red pants in the back of my closet. Bought them when I was about 21 because the sheeny material read as leather. Cost $25 at most but I would wear them out clubbing back in grad school and think I was the shit. Was SHOCKED when I slipped them on and they kinda fit.

Invoice 051

They were the perfect thing to wear to Lauragami's Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Paired it with a bunch of clashing greens and reds and stripes in my closet---resulting in a symphony of sophisticated, 80s FUGS. 

Invoice 006

Knew I had to bring it since Lauragami's friends always know how to rock the fugs! 

Invoice 020

Especially love the shout outs to Hanukkah this year. A+

Invoice 021


Mr. Diabolina didn't want to wear my "where's waldo" striped first. But once hot chicks started telling him they loved it, he loved it. That slut.
Invoice 016

Next year, he'll have the perfect outfit for all holiday parties and  his milkshake will really bring all the girls to the yard. Behold the gag gift he got from his sister. Yep, Ralphy's bunny outfit from Christmas Story!

Picnik collage

And you thought the hat from the video was cute ;)

Invoice 043


Shannon said...

omg mr. d is SUCH a good sport about having his picture taken (and displayed!) in crazy animal and striped attire. ADORBS. happy 2011 to you both, looking forward to the next year of posts from you, lady!

adeleno5 said...

I'm having a horrible flashback to a pair of Guess red denim knee length SHORTS I wore way back when...Just to complete the visual, I'm sure I used to wear them with white socks and black patent cowboy booties. Yikes. I am so glad that digital cameras and facebook didn't exist in the early 90's.


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