Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas 2010 Presents

I got the best Christmas present of my life last Tuesday.

My mom's one year post-surgery check up confirmed there are no signs of her brain tumor returning.

Relieved, thrilled and thankful doesn't even begin to express how we felt.


After receiving that wonderful news, it finally felt like the holidays and I got down to the business of buying  presents. Like the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch my mom wanted


The Neiman Marcus cuff links Mr. D asked for.

ss 002

And another year's membership to the Harry and David Fruit of the Month Club for each of them.  Those two pigs LOVE them some fancy fruit arriving on their doorsteps each month.


Never one to wait for Santa, I also got myself quite a few prezzies. Um, talk about pigs...

Invoice 109

Meet my new Phillip Lim "Edie" bag. She had me at bow, leopard and 60 percent off.  Heart.

ss 009

Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper necklace. Matches my Marc zipper earrings. And just $13!

ss 010

A Forever 21 velvet dress.  Love the bubble and mesh neckline. Looks like something Sofia Coppola would wear.

ss 007

Some MAC highlighter and glitter.  Best way to start the new year off glowy.

ss 008

A faux leather skirt from Forever 21.  Been struggling to find a skirt like this that was an appropriate length for my thirtysomething ass. NEWSFLASH young hot chicks of the earth: a leather skirt can be slutty enough without your cooter falling out of it. F.

ss 005

HUGE Forever 21 cocktail rings.  Each about $4.  Very YSL.

ss 006

More leopard for this Leo: a wrap sweater from Forever 21.  Good drape, nice material and love the luxe look of the print.

ss 004

And finally the glam floppy hat I've been wanting for months.  On sale at Kitson. A whole lotta fab for $30!  

ss 003

Was the perfect hat for a Vegas trip over Christmas.

ss 001

Best Christmas with my momma in 33 years.

Invoice 105

NEXT UP: Mr. Diabolina's present to me. You fashion whores are going to die.


BESOS LYNN said...

Oh what fabulous gifts you have! I love it all. You are so tempting me to shop. great post.

Lenya said...

Christmas in Vegas sounds so wonderfully decadent. I hope you and your fam had a wonderful holiday.

My Dressy Ways said...

Awwww. I'm so happy to hear about your mom's results! <3

adeleno5 said...

So happy to hear the good news about your mom. I want to hear all the fashiony details of your gifts because I got nothing but sheets and towels for Christmas. Very utilitarian, but not exactly something I am going to wear in Vegas...

fshnonmymind said...

That's great news about your mother!!! Perfect Xmas gifts especially to go along with all of your other wonderful presents.

I can't wait to see what Mr. D got for you. New shoes, perhaps???

Jean Bean said...

OMG I love that seventies top on your mama! So Marc.


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