Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beauty Trend: Long, Ombre Hair

Growing up I never had long pretty, popular girl hair.
Partly because my hair was so unmanageably curly.

But,um, mostly because I was not the pretty, popular girl.
I was the shy n-e-r-d.

ss 239

The first and only time my hair got really long was the beginning of college. Not surprisingly that's when I nabbed Mr. Diabolina and Jean Bean's affections. Those two nerds are sluts for popular, pretty hair.  

ss 238

For the last decade, I've kept my hair sensibly chin or shoulder length.

But recently I've let it go longer between hair cuts, resisting the urge to lop it off, brushing it at night like an old, brown Marsha Brady.

 I also haven't dyed it in over 6 months. May be the first time I can say that since I was 10.

Picnik collage

The reason? I'm hopelessly obsessed with looooong, ombre hair. It's just so Rapunzel and romantic and well the only fashion accessory I've never had. 

It's unapologetically feminine and man-pleasing sexy---two things I've never aspired to yet I'm seeing don't always have to be negatives for women.

 I also appreciate the commitment and patience growing one's hair takes---two other things I have been known to struggle with in all aspects of my life












Probably won't acheive my goal of boob covering lenth hair though. See, the only reason I've even been able to even handle my hair at this length is a Brazilian Blowout every 5 months for the last year and a half.

But given the recent controversy about Brazilians in Oregon and her brain tumor, my mom isn't planning on getting one done again and would rather I didn't either. It's probably the right call but it makes this vain nerd saaaaad.  

Sooooo...I showed you mine, now you show me yours: tell me your hair story. I love how a woman's tangled relationship with her hair is a window into her soul :)



Lenya said...

I have a ton of hair stories. There are no, and I mean NO african american hairdressers in Australia so I have a ton of hair mishaps. Will regale you one day.

gucci watches ladies said...

these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

Rosemary Brennan said...

I haven't had long hair for awhile--I always tell myself that I'm going to grow it out and then get impatient and end up chopping it all off. On a recent trip to the salon, I told my stylist I wanted a change and *maybe* highlights. She convinced me to go ombre--she called it baylage--and I couldn't be more thrilled. I lurve the heck out of the color and it totally brightened up my otherwise mousy locks. Now if I could just get my mane to grow, grow grow!!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

First off, how great are those college photos? Also, I'm glad you're saying goodbye to the Brazilian. It just isn't worth it and I hope that by you speaking up some of your readers will realize that too. I always get on a total campaign when a friend of mine wants to do it so it is nice to know I won't have to give you business about it. xo

mindy said...

OMG the picture of you an Mr. D back in the day is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

adeleno5 said...

Sigh. I have learned to accept my curls in the last few years after burning out many hair dryers and living in fear of rain drops, but I still have fantasies of long, shiny, Kardashian hair. It's not worth your health, though...and big curly hair makes my butt look smaller.

Kani said...

I'm been thinking a lot of the same things lately. I also grew up with a frizzy curly mess but was forced to keep it long. I kept it sensibly shoulder length in college, learned how to wear it properly curly and straight in grad school and grew it out for my wedding almost 2 years ago. I haven't colored My hair in about a year and am loving the ombre effect.

Glad you decided against the Brazilian blowout. I feel like I've beaten my curls into submission with a Devacurl hair cut and a great straightener.

JCH said...

This post could not have come at a more perfect time. It's like we're on the same wave length (pun intended). I am growing my hair out too, and tomorrow will be the last time I dye it for a LONG time. I have always had short hair because I felt it framed my face better, but I'm starting embrace my long hair. I hope to get it to mid-back...we'll see how it goes. Did not hear about the BB issue...good to know. Kiss!

StartedOver@28 said...

I hate the long long hair you crave but this 29 year old can't go without the dye. Why you ask? Oh, I've been going WHITE - not gray - WHITE since 28. It happens in patches and its a genetic curse. I've got straight hair with the occassional funky wave but its long. Very long. And very manufactured in color.

Sheri, RN said...

I usually had long hair myself, I recently cut it earlier this year... (12+inches) and wow... identity crisis lol.... I'm not trying to grow it back out.

I, hope you are having a great holiday. Stop by my Blog for a chance to win some of my favorite things!

Jean Bean said...

Ahem I only want to point out that those are costumes in half the college photos, not the clothes of deranged co-eds. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think if you're still interested in the BB, you should get it. Just make sure whatever salon you choose, is properly ventilated. If you choose a salon that is active about keeping clients safe during the BB process, then you won't put your health at risk. Here's a link to ventilation systems that you should look out for when picking a salon to get the BB done at. Hope that helps, good luck!

alcollin said...

I've had long thick hair all my life and I first experimented with cutting my hair in high school when I wanted a bob, and then tried it again while in college. It wasn't until two years ago that I decided to go with the full out short cut (circa Rihanna) and since then I have never gone back. I never thought that I would be one of those girls that would completely chop all of their hair off, as it seemed like such an integral part of me. But somehow I did and now I absolutely love my short hair and don't know if I would ever go back to having long hair. There are times when I want long hair . . . like now as I was looking at all the girls with gorgeous hair, or I wanna braid my hair or put it in a sloppy bun or pony tail (I really miss those days) . . . but for now I am happy and comfy with my short hair, it makes me smile. And hey I look at it like this, it's only hair, it will eventually grow back!

MargoSLaw said...

What about kerastene treatments? Its the latest "brazillian" but the products they use are so much better and healthier. Its more expensive (still newish) and lasts longer. My cousin-in-law has crazy hair and SWEARS by it.

Bruce said...

In the top middle photo with the rose is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

stick straight asian hair.
thin at the top, thick on the bottom.
full on the left, less full on the right. it's like i have two heads growing hair out one.

i am also wanting to grow my hair out but think it would require hiring a professor stylist to blow dry my hair daily. will look into this given extension of bush tax cuts. :)

Rachee said...

I had a horrific dye job by a hair student at Carlton hair salon my senior year in high school. He left the dye on WAAAAY too long and basically burned my scalp. I had huge sheets of dead skin that would just fall out out for weeks. I know, totally gross. It's never been the same since. My hair used to be wavy and thick and not it's stick straight and thin. I even got hair extensions for my wedding because I was so paranoid about having thin hair.

My hair now is super long and thick again thanks to getting knocked up! However, I hear that it will start thinning out soon. TEAR!

Ok - this is the longest comment ever. Will stop now. ;)


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