Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Scene
Back at work. Meh.

Mr. D is off for the rest of the year. Lucky ducky. Just want to be at home with him. Preferably under a Slanket. AHHH the Slanket. Read why this modern marvel is all I want for Christmas.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Larry Levine pea coat
Fashion District cape

The Accessories
American Apparel tights
Stuart Weitzman booties
Chanel bag and earrings
Forever 21 bracelet

The Grade
A (my Apologies for this Ass-y picture.)

The Commentary

After four days of feeling horribly frumpy in New York, I decided to step up the work outfit today.

Wanted to keep it all NYC black but with a pop of LA color.

Working girl

Meets Gossip Girl.

Decided to pair the Smurfette tights with the cape I wore on the first day of the trip. LOOOVE this turtleneck cape. Probably because it's a fashionable version of the Slanket - cozy and keeps my arms free of constraints ;)

Was perfect over the F21 dress with pockets.

Needing a new pea coat as this one is horribly huge in the shoulders. Bought it with my mom in Washington D.C. about 6 years ago. Hardly ever wear it because it makes me feel like a linebacker. F. Am loving the idea of a short coat paired with a short dress and tights tho.

So I bought these Stuart Weitzman booties in early Spring. Resale. UCLA Thrift Store. $35. For months, I felt like they were not the "right" kind of fall bootie. They were too pointy, too tall, too much hardware and had the wrong heel. So they were relegated to the back of my closet with other regrettable purchases.

But for some reason, this morning they winked at me. Seduced me. And everything felt right about them again. The zipper and buckles were very Marc. The shape, new and fresh.

Probably helped that I have started seeing

This type of bootie all over the fashion blogs

Sigh. I wish I trusted my instincts more. Wish I wasn't so concerned with what other people might think.

That after all is the mark of a real fashionista, a real woman, a real adult.

But I fear that in many ways I'm still a girl. For example, another thing I want for Christmas is a hat with animal ears. Have wanted one for YEARS.

Had to settle for socks with ears today ;)


WendyB said...

One winter in the early '90s -- I can't remember what year -- I was obsessed with blue tights in that shade. I'll have to find a picture.

ShoeZQ said...

AHHHHH! The Slanket!?!? Only I've seen it advertised on tv as a snuggie. These are so great!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your blog is the spot for the top amazing and gorgeous fashion ideas. You always rock whatever you wear. I want an animal knit cap as well. Rumi's is adorable! :)

Happy Holidayss! :)


Jean Bean said...

Big shoulders are back too. Work it!

WeezerMonkey said...

Slanket love! Yeah!

Silver Haired Fox said...

But the SNUGGIE is so much cheaper!
It's like the Forever 21 of Slankets!
And you'll look great at your next sporting event! http://www.getsnuggie.com (it comes in Burgundy!)

Jon likes the Nuddle Blanket.... it's what (according to their website) Lauren Conrad and Debra Messing prefer too! http://www.nuddleblanket.com/

Sable Crow said...


I found them when I was home this past week. At first she didn't know how to use them and put them on backward, like a robe.


amber said...

i don't peg you for a slanket girl. like, at all. a slanket? really?!

and btw, i was totally thinking of you on christmas. why, you ask? well, my mother-in-law broke out high-heeled suede booties and colored tights for christmas dinner. yes, my MIL is more fashionable than i am. wah! when i told her this, she beamed the rest of the night. such a cutie! and something i wouldn't have known without this blog. smooches.

JillFantastic said...

I got a Slanket for Christmas!! Well, the version that Bed Bath and Beyond sells. I had only seen the Snuggie on TV and didn't trust the quality since it was so cheap. Then my mom surprised me and my siblings with an all "As Seen on TV" Christmas, but upgraded us to the BBB Snuggie/Slanket.
Before my arms were always so cold while typing, and now - I'm as snug as a bug in a rug! Thanks Slanket!


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