Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall 2010: New York City in Pictures

Torrential rain 5 out of the 10 days I was there. F. 

pics 039

Mr. Diabolina hopped on a red eye to surprise me the second weekend I was there. He brought the blue eyes and the blue skies. ADORE!

pics 204

I was shocked all our friends were able to keep the secret. Just look at them.

pics 168

The Empire State Building from a rooftop party. Gorge!

pics 072

Burratta heaven in Soho
pics 267

Naughty wallpaper at a speakeasy


Mr. NBC won an Emmy and got a promotion the week I was there.
I am his good luck kitty.
pics 270

NYC skyline from the top of The Met


The corner I would live on if I were homeless


Stalking Ben Stiller as if I were homeless

pics 062

Amazing Christy Turlington subway ad


Even more amazing red lips at Spice Market

pics 123

I heart NYC peddlers


Mr. Diabolina especially likes their sunnies


More cheese, this time from The Oak Room at The Plaza
pics 259

Three virgins in the Village
pics 127

Someday Boozing in Brooklyn will be the name of a chapter in my book....


Big Bambu aka Asian scaffolding on top of The Met
pics 247

Smiling Trojans even after watching the devastating last minute loss. 

pics 170

ALOT of beer and Jager shots helped.
Mr. Diabolina's Captain EO tee...not so much!

pics 164

Mugging at the Advertising Week wrap party...hosted by Facebook.


My heaven, my Balthazar

pics 271

Yahoo! Party
pics 054

Co-ed spa day at Great Jones

pics 150

Fifth Avenue


The receiving line at the Yahoo! party
pics 050

More pretties on the roof of The Met
pics 248

So many cool backdrops for blogger photoshoots in NYC.

Tyra teaching me to smize at a keynote session. Learned she is writing a book series. About magical models at a Hogworth's kind of

While I was in NYC, Jean Bean (in cateye Diors) ended her job at Conde Nast and started a FABULOUS NEW ONE AT NEIMAN MARCUS!!! 

pics 159

She and Texas Cowboy are moving to Dallas and will be in LA all the time now. Can you say YAYAYYAY!

pics 167

Chanel at Bergdorf's - sister brand of Neiman Marcus.

pics 183

Wonder if that means I get a discount at my beloved Bergdorf's cafe now?

pics 187

My love in Central Park. 

My other love, Louis.

pics 144

Obligatory shoe shot. Missoni Chucks win!
pics 238

Happy Hour at the Eventi Hotel.

Cocktails at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
pics 309

The Ace Hotel piggie. 


The perfect wedge

pics 125

The perfect memorial
pics 113

The perfect NYC trip.

pics 092

Happy weekend. Take lots of pictures!


Lenya said...

Am super jealous. Won't be in NY till it's cold and dreary. Looking forward to having a bevie with you in LA next month.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

This looks like nothing but FUN! Your sweetheart is too cute with his shirt and surprising you. Major congrats to Jean!!!! Burrata is one of my favorite things ever! Lets have a date soon. xoxo

Jean Bean said...

Was it all a dream?

tam pham said...

let's be friends in real life so i can hang out you and your fabulous group of friends! what an amazing time in NYC!


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