Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I Packed for New York

Since my NYC trip was primarily for work, my number one must have: a suit. Went for a black, heavier weight skirt suit that travels well. St. John. Knew I could wear the pieces together for a dressier work look or seperately for play.


Then I selected the shoes. I always build my outfits from the ground up. I'm just a shoe whore like that. Opted for Steve Madden boots, Manolo Blahnik kitten heels and Tory Burch booties. All relatively practical.


Next I packed a sexy but sophisticated Black Halo that I bought months ago but haven't dared to wear. It's kinda tight like a sausage casing. Bought it with the goal of losing some weight. Which never works.


Brought some military green and sequins.  Love the unexpected combinations.  It's usually what makes someone at least appear stylish.


Decided on one long skirt and several short skirts. Two pairs of jeggings and 3 of tights.


Prints galore, j'adore.


Polka dots.  Cannot get enough. Ever.


Scarves. To wrap around my head, neck or purse handle. For an extra bit of schuz.


Two belts and two bags. Plus loads of jewlery. Remember accessories are the easiest way to reinvent outfits.  They will take a simple outfit to chic with little effort.  

And sadly I brought along my vintage Burberry trench. As predicted it rained cats and dogs on Monday and Tuesday. The ONLY two days I was going to have to be hustling around the city in conference wear. 


Here's how happy me and my hair were about that


Here's how happy me and my mouth were about a close encounter with Ben Stiller later that night.


Ben Stiller stalking=worth putting up with bad hair.


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

You and Ben Stiller are killing it!

Anonymous said...

So true about accessories. You can make so many more outfits when you start mixing up everything!

lookrichbitch said...


Ro said...

Did you manage to fit that all into a carry on?? If so, amazing! It was sooo hard editing down wardrobe, but I somehow managed. And they really like their army green cargo jackets there huh? I think I spotted one every 5 minutes.

My hair looked like shat there too. OMG.

tam pham said...

i need your packing mojo- i HATE packing and I HATE the end results of my packing.


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