Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr Diabolina's Shoe Shopping Spree

Remember how my mom treats herself to an ape-shit shopping spree once a year? Well, Mr. Diabolina does the same thing.  Once every five years. Ugh.

It's like I have to remind him he's a big deal litigator on big deal cases now.  That he's no longer the  starving student moving boxes in the summer to not starve.  Like he was when we met 14 years ago.   


My mom is partly to blame. You see, for the last decade, she's been giving Mr. D clothes. Not new clothes, mind you. Gently worn hand me downs.

She gets them from a family friend who owns several well-known clothing companies. Which means he's a baller. Which means he's always shopping, rarely wears things more than once and his tastes run the designer gamut: Hugo Boss, Gucci and Armani.

Yes, Mr. Diabolina knows he is one lucky beotch. And no, he doesn't give me any shopping cash to reflect how much my mom has saved him over the years. Le sigh. 


Mr. Diabolina is also a creature of habit. Since our family friend loves Gucci shoes so does Mr. Diabolina.  So when he actually buys his own shoes, Mr. Diabolina tends to head to Gucci.

A few weeks ago the mood to shop struck him.  So off to Gucci he headed with his two brown fashion advisors in tow. Alas he couldn't find every day or court shoes that he loved.

Except the cutom made section sample shoe.  Which looks alot like one pair of Guccis he already owns. I'm not kidding about the creature of habit thing.


I managed to coax him to check out the kicks at Ferragamo and Prada.  And much to my delight he loved shoes at both stores. Snapped them right up without his usual second-guessing.   I think a new habit has been born ;)






And I don't mind at all.  Any excuse to tag along and drool at all things pretty and Prada I will take!




Even managed to convince Mr. D to let me peep inside Miu Miu.  Where I squealed at every turn and my mom wanted everything. Duh.



I mean how could anyone resist DOUBLE BOW CONFECTIONS!!!.


Men's shoes---even when they're Ferragamo and Prada---don't even compare!


My mom's lucky I was born a girl.



Sable Crow said...

Yay! Loving some boy fashion! Woof, Mr. D! Looking foxy.

Anonymous said...

Glad he enjoyed the shopping! I would be so happy if I could get my husband to enjoy shopping :)

b.b. said...

Lol, I LOVE that picture of your momma and your man, it's really cute. Drooling over the displays...never been to a designer boutique, I think I'd be

You look great in the last picture, love your outfit. Take Care. :)


fshnonmymind said...

I think it would be a dangerous thing for our bank accounts if the bf and I were both into designer goods. He likes some of the fancy footwear, but hasn't taken the plunge yet.

I would totally squeal over that tan Miu Miu coat too. It is beyond cute.

Sharon said...

been secretly reading your blog for awhile... i feel like we may be in a similar boat in regards to our workplace! loveeeee your persistent inner fashionista regardless... and much love to your mr's gucci's! i have mucho respect for litigators they work their asses off!!


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