Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mommy Diabolina's Annual Shopping Spree!

My mom and I are twins.  The cheeks, the sense of humor, the passion for fashion - all identical and adorable ;)   But one of our defining differences: her annual MAH-jor shopping spree. 

I shop pretty consistently throughout the year, at Forever 21 and my favorite resale haunts, never pay full price, never drop more than a couple hundred bucks at once.  She, on the other hand, without warning, every year, goes APESHIT.  On Rodeo Drive no less. 

This year, the spree started at Prada. Dee-vine, dee-licious, dee-lovely Prada.

When my mom hit 60 last year, shoes became an issue for her.  She became even more particular about what goes on her tootsies. She can barely handle heels anymore.  And flats are too rough on her lower back.  Marc Jacobs, Tayrn Rose and Tory Burch have become her go-tos. That is until she met Prada.  

She found a purr-fect pair of sensible, comfortable beauties.  Go-with-everything color, pretty peep toe, rosette detail.  AND 60 percent off. 

Pretty much the holy grail for a mommy.

Most women would have been satisfied. But my mami is not most women.  Homegirl bee-lined up the street. To Chanel!!!

For this beauty.  She's had her eye on for at least six months.  Only certain stores stock it. Patent leather, red and two-tone interlocking C's.  Heaven.

This is what buying and owning heaven looks like

I contented myself with the fact that I bought some Chanel flip flops the day before. 

Well...actually they were Chanel-esque flip flops.  Fashion district.  $10.  Nearly identical to the real thing!

Also picked out my mom's floating heart knuckle ring. CRAZY FOR KNUCKLE RINGS lately.  And now so is she. 

I really have to remind her of all the years of free styling I've given her. Maybe next time we're in Prada. And she feels a spree coming on ;)


Kristina said...

Awww! That's sweet=]
It sounds like you all had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great shopping spree!

WendyB said...

I like your mom's shopping style. Turn her onto my jewelry next.

Unknown said...

oh i love shopping xxxx

fshnonmymind said...

What beauties your mother got, especially that Chanel!!!
It's so cute how you two are the best of friends and can go out shopping together. My mother drives me nuts after awhile when we go shopping. She feels like she has to try on the whole store. :)

Victoria said...

She might love Dana Davis... way more comfy than Taryn Rose and more stylish too!

Rachee said...

You two are too cute for words.

adeleno5 said...

I know you are crazy about your adorable (and chic) mommy, but come on, you can tell us...weren't you tempted to snatch that smashing Chanel bag out of her hands and run away? Just me then? : )

Anonymous said...

Your mom is sooo cute. And such style, of course that's where you get it from.

Crystal said...

This is the cutest post EVAR! Your blog was recommended by someone in another state so I didn't realize you are a local girl... this is a dumb question but when you say "Fashion District" where is that exactly? I'm ashamed I don't know this and I totally want those k/o Chanel flip flops since I've been drooling over the real ones but would never pay that much for flip flops.


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