Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Manning Up to the Brogue Trend

The most manly thing about me is my drink of choice, scotch.


The least manly thing about me is my footwear of choice, stilletos.


So understandably I've resisted the menswear inspired shoe trend for a year now.  Despite seeing every single leading lady of fashion trade her ballet flats for brogues, I just couldn't get into the style.  It looked clownish and just plain not cute. Plus I figured it'd be hugely unflattering on mortals without stick thin calves (read: most women who aren't the women below.)

Sienna Miller 1

alexa chung black brogues






That is until I spotted these fugly lovelies at Bakers for $40.  As if by magic I finally got it.  The juxtaposition of a man's utilitarian shoe on a women's slender foot. It somehow looked quirky and chic. It was unexpected and thus fresh and hence fashionable. It was tittilating precisely because it wasn't overtly sexy at all.

brogues trend

Plus the shoes reminded me of those lace up shoes I wore when I was a teenager.  Which makes sense since the early 90s are definitely having a fashion moment right now.  Juana donned the actual pair she wore in high school to my Jesus birthday party last month - along with our Catholic school uniform.  Which still fits her. Loooooooove me a skinny bitch.

all 183

all 180

Wore my new butchy besties to work with leggings and a belted army green tee and navy blazer. Felt fabulously feminine despite the fact that most men - especially Mr. Diabolina - were positively flummoxed by the look.  FINALLY, I think I've done Man Repeller proud. 

brogues trend 2

Here's some more brogue inspiration to help you man up and give your heels a break. A few words of wisdom if you don't want to go full man repeller mode: wear the brogues with a) alot of leg b) one very feminine piece and/or c) full hair and makeup. 











 If money were no object, I'd buy 10 more pairs of brogues - in metallics and with sparkles or spectator color combos.


But I'll probably just settle for one more pair.  In black with femme details.  At Aldo. Under $100.



p.s. Jean Bean was finally photo blogged in Europe while covering the collections this year.  Sadly, she was behind her gorgeous work bestie Alex.  His photo blog worthy footwear of choice: brogues.  Doh!!!!


She should have totes donned her black and white brogues. Which she bought months ago. Like the professional fashionista she is. I bow down.



Anonymous said...

Havent tried this trend yet, but it looks amazing when its pulled off right!

fshnonmymind said...

I love the pair you found at Bakers and the outfit you paired them with!!!
I bought a pair last month at F21 and have only worn them a few times because I too, was resistant to this trend. I've made sure to add some feminine elements (short, flirty skirt and a flowery blouse) to my outfits to counteract the masculine shoes. That seems to help, but I'm still trying to come up with more outfit ideas.

Jean Bean said...

I'm wearing them now! When NYC girls see a trendy-flat trend, we don't hesitate. It's a godsend.

Unknown said...

Love it. You totally rocked the shoes w/ that outfit. I've been very hesitant to wear brogues and oxfords too. Tried it once but they've been sitting in my closet since. You've inspired me to give them a second shot!


WendyB said...

I wandered through Barneys on Sunday and they had tons of brogues. Very cute on other people, but I'll pass!

Juana said...

I'm soooo fashion-forward!

♥Rosie said...

I saw these a while back and thougth of buring some but totally passed..you are making me rethink about it.

Sable Crow said...

I love those shoes and the woven texture of them!! So...er...handsome. ;-)


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