Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Night Out L.A. 2010: Phillip Lim

Wasn't so sure about Fashion Night Out in LA this year.  I've had a looooong week and all I wanted to do on Friday night was go home and curl up.  


 BUT I was having a rare good hair day...

Fashion Night Out LA 2010 082

And the GORGEOUS New York Fashion Week kick off at Lincoln Center the day before had me foaming at the mouth for all things fashion













Third, when Anna Wintour beckons, you listen


And finally when you have a boy this cute willing to squire you around LA to fashion events, you go.

Anne Wedding 059

So I put on my new Tucker top, a pair of shorts, Zara belt, Prada shoes, my Damier Neverfull tote, Forever 21 bangles and a Gucci scarf.  And we hit the madness out in the city. 

Drove down Melrose Blvd, peeping Fred Segal, Madison, Decades, and Marc Jacobs - each one more crowded than the last.  People were walking around in packs - fabulously dressed packs.  Felt like NYC.  Felt like a dream come true in the land where the typical uniform is flip flops and track suits.    

Ended up at my favorite store in Los Angeles, 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Fashion Night Out 2010 026

The store, parking lot and stock room were all packed with hipsters. Added bonus: the gorgeous space and gorgeous people smelled DELISH thanks to the Patty Wagon food truck.

Fashion Night Out LA 2010 040

Fashion Night Out LA 2010 039

Fashion Night Out LA 2010 021

Fashion Night Out LA 024

Fashion Night Out LA 2010 029

Fashion Night Out LA 032

Anne Wedding 035

Fashion Night Out 2010 036

But for me the clothes were center stage. All the Fall 2010 stock had me gaga. Gobs of animal prints, blazers and glitz. Maaaade for me.  

Fashion Night Out 2010 015

Fashion Night Out 2010 016

Fashion Night Out 2010 017

Fashion Night Out 2010 022

Fashion Night Out 2010 028

Anne Wedding 037

Anne Wedding 031

Mr. Diabolina and I gravitated toward very differnt looks - i.e. I liked the man repeller granny pants, he liked the booty short shorts.

Fashion Night Out 2010 030

Anne Wedding 034

But we both agreed on one thing:  Phillip Lim baby clothes=BEST.THING.EVER

Fashion Night Out 2010 020

Fashion Night Out 2010 019

Oh to be a lil baby weened on Phillip Lim!

Fashion Night Out 2010 038

Next up: The second half of the night - Fashion Night Out LA on Rodeo Drive.


adeleno5 said...

Yellow looks amazing on you!

Ronida said...

Baby Lim is too cute. I wonder how much it costs though! I can't wait for your Rodeo update.


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