Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall 2010 Trend: Lace

I'm a giver.  I'm also a size large at Forever 21.

So when I saw this lace skirt (which, btw, looks MUCH betta in person) a few months ago in a medium I instantly knew it wouldn't fit.  And yet I still brought it into the dressing room.  Like a delusional hippo. F.


I just couldn't deny that the skirt was nearly identical to a Spring 2010 Phillip Lim look.  And the replica cost less than $25!  We're talking cheap WHITE LACE that actually looked luxe???  That's like a fashion unicorn.  You never see it, never think it even exists.

3_1 Phillip Lim Resort 2010 - Lace

Luckily I was shopping with The Peeper and her ass is most definitely a few sizes smaller than mine.  She loved the look of the skirt the instant I handed it over.  I saw her eyes twinkle as she twirled around in it.  And yet, ever the practical shopper (UGH!) she proclaimed she couldn't possibly pull it off.  I assured her she could.  So then she said she had no idea how to style it.  So I told her ass she could pair it with any print or color, definitely a belt and heels.  The only thing that would be tricky would be the weight of the material.  I may have also told her I'd never forgive her if she didn't buy it.  Did I mention I'm also a pusher?


She ended up buying it and this week, she informed me she was wearing the skirt for the first time.  For a fancy work dinner.  I begged for a picture and this is what I got.  Heart hot chick bathroom outfit shots!


Am glad someone I love nabbed the skirt since lace will be hot, hot, haute this fall.  Along with full skirts, leopard print and sensible heels, this ladylike trend ruled the runways. 

At Dolce and Gabanna


Miu Miu


Oscar de La Renta


Donna Karan




Roberto Cavalli

Julien McDonald

But my all time favorite lace: Prada 2008.  I swear trends are cycling back around faster than ever.


Makes me wish I'd succumbed to Linda's lace loveliness during my time at the Prada outlet in NY.  F to me.



WendyB said...

I have the lace Prada bag from 2008. Still loving it!

lookrichbitch said...

I swear I can only fit (barely) tops at f21. Either my gut hangs out or my booty-neither of which are appealing. (___*___)

fashion junkie said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely post, and I'm enjoying your blog too! :)

Hope you come visit and follow my blog.


ShoeZQ said...

Loving the lace trend. I've seen it a lot in shoes too. As evidenced here. Also thanks for the "How to dress when meeting Fergie tips" on twitter.


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