Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So I'm thinking one of the new bloggy blog features will give you a peek at the dirty pretty things I've recently purchased. Calling this shiny new feature "My Shiny New Toys." Will include why I'm loving the new (usually trendy, maybe classic) item, how I've been rocking it and where you can pick up your own version.

Sound fun? This nerd piensa que si ;)

1. New Forever 21 tank with bejeweled neckline
Shop for a similar one

Have been putting this tank top in client look books for the last few months and finally snapped it for myself. Love me a bejeweled neckline. Especially in shades of navy with a burgundy bow. Deeeee-licious.

At first glance the top reminded me of this Phillip Lim beauty. Alas the necklace costs 10 times what the tank does.

The only disadvantage of going for the tank over the detachable necklace is that you can't wear it with a bunch of different holiday frocks and office looks. Though I'm thinking I can eventually snip off the tank if I love it more as a necklace. One of the benefits of spending $20 on something instead of $200.

2. Forever 21 knuckle ring & stackable rings and Waltham gold watch
Shop for similar rings here
and gold watches here.

I've been searching for each one of these accessories for what seems like eons. I never dreamed I'd find them all for under $25 TOTAL.

The watch I got at Rite Aid. I know. Ghetto FABULOUS.

Was picking up booze for a dinner party at Sable Crow's and there she was in all her gilded, expandable, old grandpa glory. It's no Rolly but for $14.99 I was sold. When Sable Crow saw it he flipped. Yay me.

The knuckle ring and set of stackable rings I found at Forever 21. Both $4. Perfect price for a trendy bit of bling that looks like Elizabeth & James or Ippolita. Love mixing them with real diamonds and fooling suckers.

3. Topshop Dress bought resale at Crossroads.
Shop Topshop dresses

Needed to get this. Great fit and it's Topshop, people. Just $22. Probably retailed for at least $60.

You know this devil is a sucker for a blue dress. Add a classic neckline and a drapey skirt shape and I'm a goner. Loving how the Banana necklace pulls it together with my next dreamy purchase.

4. Steven by Steve Madden 'Intyce' boots
Buy them on sale at Nordstrom

Some of you have been reading since last year will remember these tragically hip, tragically named boots. I wrote about them for the first time last November. Within a month about a dozen readers (including my future first styling client The Modern Type) told me they ran right out and got them and looove them. But never the impulsive shopper, I passed them up on sale and then they were GONE. No where to be found. Consoled myself with this gorgeous pair of neutral BCBGs.

For the last three years I've bought a pair of flat boots every winter. Love all my babies equally but this pair certainly gets the most attention. Think it's the lovely cognac color - pops with anything you wear. Ended up wearing them 4 days in a row last week: with the outfit above, the blue Topshop dress, a little black dress and dark jeans/purple top/gray blazer. They felt completely different every time. That's a good shoe.

5. Gray men's tee.
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Got this as a handmedown from Mr. D.

Knew I wanted to dial down the butch of the tee with femme accessories. Enter this Forever 21 blingy necklace. Grungy princess perfection.

I want to live in oversize LNA tshirts with leggings and skinny jeans lately. Very California cool. Very I'm a star even dressed down...and you're not ;)

6. Merona Printed Trench
Shop for more cheap coat cuteness here.

I loved this trench when I saw it at Target last year. Almost bought it in a fab kelly green. But I felt it was a bit pricey at $40ish. That's too mucho for non-Go International Tarjay.

When I saw it in my size for $20 dollars at Designer Labels I thought why not. I'd had a hard day and I knew it would be matchy matchy perfection with my white and navy Marc Jacobs heels. Plus a fashionista can never go wrong with a trench. Especially one lined with polka dots.


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of your blog! Love the "My shiny new toys" feature. Keep 'em coming :)


Fabulosity said...

Very refreshing post. Makes me want to go out and purchase same/similar stuff.

Mar5195 said...

I really like when you tell us where to go and buy shit. :)

Thumbs up!!

ShoeZQ said...

Yay! I love this new feature! And I too went out and got the Intyce after you featured it last year. I LURVE them so much. Saw them in gray at Nordie's and although I NEVER do this I'm thinking I need to get them in that color too.

Staci said...

Yay I LOVE this! I also like how you posted the links to where you can find something similar, super helpful!

shazzam said...

holy post!

i just found your blog like last week and love that you can't deny the joy of shopping at forever 21 and tar-jay boutique! :D

also, the workouts are totally showing! keep up that glow

guccigirl99 said...

Loving the "My Shiny New Toys" feature! Please keep it up!

Also, where did you find the studded booties? They're adorable! (those aren't the boots the weirdo grabbed in the meeting, were they?)

HazelnutPhotography said...

love love love it! The new feature is fab and I'm looking forward to many more of them! Those Intyce boots continue to be my absolute favorites and I feel it might be time to replace them... with an exact same pair. I adore them so.

Kate said...

Yes, love this new feature. I've actually wondered why you didn't do this before. Great that you provide a link. Mwa mwa!

ms.perfecto said...

i really like this feature~ p.s. where did you find the pics of erin from the city?

fshnonmymind said...

Love all of your new finds, especially the accessories. I've been all about the stacked rings and picked some up at F21 and have been mixing them with some new House of Harlow stackable rings. I look forward to the next installment of this new feature!

Kelley said...

LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new feature!

LOVE the necklace with the blue dress..where is that from?

Ana said...

Keep this feature coming! I particularly love the boots and the knuckle ring.

Also: Must steal the gray Jimmy Choo for H&M tee I bought for my BF. He clearly needs to hand it back over.

Tabitha said...

Love the Rite Aid purchase!!!

Sheila said...

I like this feature!

Kanishka B. said...

I couldn't have said it better than Mar5195. Love this!

Grace said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing where you get your great finds!


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