Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina awoke with the sniffles. Pobrecito.

While he rested, I decided to be a good little American and check out the post-Christmas sales. Purely for blog research, of course ;)

Hit Stella McCartney first. STILL have a $130 credit left to use there. The 60 percent off sign upstairs looked promising. However, most of the sale shoes still cost well over $500. Ugh. Stella, PLEASE! Your shoes are created with man made materials aka plastic!

Marched out of the store within 15 minutes. Per usual. But not before falling for these brand new Spring beauties. FIE on that Beatle offspring!

Walked over to Intermix on Robertson where the sale section was much more "reasonable." These studded booties were down to the $400 range. Sigh.

These Stella's were velvety yum. $250ish. Not bad...IF I could use my credit. They were nowhere to be found at the actual Stella store. Boo.

Did you know Theory made shoes? Loving these brand new bondage beauties in beige. $269. Hmmm, sure you can find a Jeffrey Campbell version for less.

Got a chance to fondle this Elizabeth and James jacket in person. Love the collar and the cut at the waist. Over $600. No, gracias.

Tortured myself by going into Chanel. Have my eye on a burgundy chain purse that costs more than my mortgage payment. Also spied a sliver of the store carved out for menswear. Eureka for Sable Crow! Keep on truckin' for me...

Fingered the Harlow by Nicole Richie jewelery at Kitson. Wanted to buy the big starburst ring. $38. But it was gigantic on. There's statement and then there's redic clowny.

Went into Madison and Tory Burch and Reiss but everything I liked on sale was still $200+. Too mucho. So, defeated, I decided to peek in at Crossroads and check out my resale options.

Found a fun Marc dress for under $30. I've been in love with this print and color combo for years.

And a DVF for under $35. Great artsy print - still a big trend for spring. Alas both dresses were size 2 and wouldn't zip all the way.

But don't cry for me, Argentina. I did score a dramatic LAMB cape ($130) and never been worn Marc shoes ($27 -half off)!!! Then, emboldened, I visited the Marc by Marc store. It was crawling with frenzied Japanese tourists. Picked up a brand new studded clutch for just $50.

In the afternoon, Mr. D felt up to doing his Target shopping spree - my Christmas gift to him. He got lots of boy toys: flashlights and a drill and coffee makers and batteries and a paper shredder.

Sexy, no? Ugh. Trying to get him to research Blu Ray so I can gift him something more exciting...

In the afternoon, I worked out for the first time in a MONTH. Ran 4 miles and felt great doing it. Have officially accepted the fact that as a 31 year old endomorph if I want to eat what I want I have to work out a couple of times a week. Period. Otherwise a spare tire immediately settles in around my middle and my ass starts spreading...alot. Seriously, the wobble lately is tragic, I just hide it well.

In the evening, I blogged while Mr. D stole my Obama book. I couldn't put it down on the plane to NYC and now he can't either. I love it. It is lyrical and moving and stunningly candid.

As someone who never met her father, I can intimately relate to so much of his search for self realization, for a sense of community, for a sense of validation. Cannot believe in a few short weeks this man - the first politician I've ever identified with - will take the highest office in the land. What a year awaits us all...

The Outfit
Seven jeans
Old Navy sweater and henley

The Accessories
Forever 21 scarf
BCBG boots
Marc Jacobs purse and sunglasses and earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt a bit blah today. Hence the schleppy Old Navy look today. Thank goodness for the boots. They pulled everything together for shopping on one of L.A.'s hippest streets.

I could seriously live in these boots - so comfortable and work well with everything.

Got a couple compliments on them yesterday and more today. One from a Chloe wearing customer at Intermix and another from the hippie headband wearing manager at Crossroads.

First time wearing this scarf and sweater. The $8 jersey scarf is more of a summer look but I needed a bit of punch today. Heart the color - especially with the yellow and beige. The striped hoodie I got in San Fran - $17. Will work great on vacation in Hawaii next year. Can't wait.

Looks alot like this sweater I saw at Intermix. $395! I know it's cashmere but puh-lease!

And this Theory one. Too much too at $275

Also love this Whitley Kros cardigan. Also $275 but this one is COTTON. Shopbop calls it, "The epitome of throw-it-on chic." Humph. I prefer my throw it on chic to cost less than $20, thank you very much.


WendyB said...

How about you ask the Stella store if they could get in the item you want from another Stella store?

dapotato said...

dying at "FIE on that Beatle offspring!"

Sable Crow said...

Yay! Chanel for boys. Will definitely check it out.

Kiss to you,

Jean Bean said...

TC is sick too. And he wanted a tool belt for Christmas. Who are these creatures?

Tiffany said...

I've never been to the crossroads here but I guarantee you that they wouldn't have that adorable marc or dvf dress or anything close. I *might* be able to score a northface fleece. ha! damn pacific NW style.

did not know that Theory made shoes. I like those heels. must check them out in person.

Tiffany said...

how cute are you with the readers outfit grade! love it!!

WeezerMonkey said...

PS3! Games and Blu-Ray! This is how the Monkeys do it.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I'm jealous - there are no stores like that in Sydney, NONE! I have to go to the big department store and even then they only have half the collections you get in America.

Enjoy your purchases. Can't wait to see the cape on you.

eileenerb said...

I truly appreciate your reality check on fashion prices. Somebody's got to tell the emperor he's naked. Sometimes I forget. Thank you.

amy said...

does the diabolina household have a wii? greatest gift ever that not only occupies the mister when you need some quality alone time, but is also fun when you need some quality mindless video game time of your own. i'm currently kickin' butt on guitar hero. it's an endless gift because of all the accessories, games, etc.

Couture Carrie said...

Hey Diabs! I missed you! Love this post - chock full of fun stuff. Great finds on the Marc shoes and studded clutch! And I am sad for you that those velvet pumps weren't in stock at Stella - I have been coveting them too!

Happy New Year, Diabolina!


amber said...

i got jim a sony blu-ray player for christmas. i think it was the BP-350. he checked it out on cnet and said it looked good. just a thought.


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