Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Scene
My mom and I have been planning on doing it up BIG for her 60th birthday next month. We'd been leaning toward a trip to Guatemala. But this morning we decided given this week's developments that might be too...emotional. Non-stop extended family time in a third world country when you're about to have surgery usually is.

Over the last few days we decided we need relaxing, girly, one-on-one time. So today we just up and booked 6 nights in Cancun, Mexico. We leave next Monday. We've never done anything like this. But today we did. Because we feel like it, because we can ;)

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Topshop vest

The Accessories
Dior sunglasses
Forever 21 necklace and bracelet
Missoni scarf
Urban Outfitters sandals
Chanel bag
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Cannot stop thinking about this Louis look on Leighton.

The styling of the vest over the dress and the belt over the vest, the hair, the tasteful but trendy accessories - it's all perfection. Even the socks with sandals are THE look I've been dying to try but have been too scurred to attempt. Maybe when this heat let's up...

Chose this dress because it reminds me of other goregous purple and blue prints making their way around the blogosphere

But my favorite part of the outfit: my new bling. Matched my momma's. So connected right now, so connected always.


WendyB said...

Glad you two are getting away. Hope you have a great, relaxing time.

Liz said...

Have a great time in Cancun!

Juana said...

I love the fact that you still write stuff on your hands. What better way to remind yourself of something than that?!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you girls!

Love the outfit..oh to wear sleaveless and sandles in November!

honey my heart said...

hope your trip is amazing :)

Fashion Intel said...

You are the BEST at culling photos to illustrate your inspirations. I really appreciate the work that goes into that.


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