Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Scene
In the morning, we celebrated the 4th with Mr. Diabolina's family.

Thanks to Mr. D's new tee, the gorgeous first family was there in spirit too. Love.

In the afternoon we celebrated with my family.

My two sisters from other misters - St. Jude and Chowmein.

St. Jude's amazing rooftop deck was perfection for peeping fireworks and peeping babies peeping fireworks

A DJ spinning classic MJ was the cherry on top.

Still boggles my mind that we are old enough to have successfully integrated babies into our parties.

Can remember the days when friends would nurse beers not babies.

Still can't quite picture a time where I'll be the one chasing after a baby instead of a buzz. Life feels complicated enough as it is. Still feel like a kid myself. Maybe I always will.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Old Navy swimsuit

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace
Fashion District ring, bracelet and sandals
Chanel sunglasses
Marc Jacobs clutch

The Grade

The Commentary

Like last Fourth of July, today I decided to channel summer breezy instead of patriotic.

But babies in red, white and blue I LOVE!

Especially when they successfully negotiate a wardrobe change during the party.

I did wear a little something blue today. Needed to do a costume change of my own since Mr. D's family celebration was a pool party.

Love this particular blue with this purple. So DVF maxi that I've loved for months. Sigh.

Nabbed the dress in Hawaii. At Forever. Loved the ruffles.

Almost didn't buy it because it reminds me of two other dresses I have.

But I loooved the fit and it was under $30 AND purple will be HOT this fall.

Carolina Herrera showed it

Jason Wu

Victoria Beckham

Marc Jacobs

What do you think of this pairing by Stella McCartney? Would never have thought red was a fresh way to break all the purple. Although maybe I should have today.

Let me explain. Can you spot the attention whore in this picture? She is St Jude's next door neighbor but they had never met until tonight. The Brown Devil woke her up by shooting off fireworks so he felt compelled to invite her over. Ugh nothing worse than a stranger who takes you up on a courtesy invite.

She brought little friends over and proceeded to make herself COMFORTABLE. Snatching up booze and being 22 all over the place - even starting a game of flip cup and assigning names to strangers she didn't know. Our friend who was a good sport and played her reindeer games was inexplicably dubbed Baby Boo. Um...

One minute this person was offering to take a nap with St. Jude's baby and in the next breath, she was randomly talking about a Megan's Law offender in the neighborhood who sodomizes young boys. Keep in mind, NONE OF US HAD EVER SPOKEN TO THIS PERSON BEFORE TONIGHT.

All of this was only vaguely annoying until she got up in my face, demanding I play flip cup with her. When I refused, she sensed another alpha and decided to focus all her energy on me. Joy! Especially when you're not drinking because you don't feel well.

That's when she went there. She gave me my very own moniker - PURPLE URPEL. Funny if one of my friends said it? Duh, of course. Funny coming from her? Not so much.

Had to tell her to remember whose house she was in and literally walk away. Didn't want to have to show her how a Purple Urple WILL cut a bitch.


Erin Palmer said...

Love that purple! I have a special fancy top in that color that I'm saving for my trip to L.A. next month! Me=giddy.

Mar5195 said...

Love the purple. You totally scored at the F21 in Hawaii!

Lolz about the AW neighbor! Lucky them!

amber said...

That purple is great on you, especially with the newly minted tan. :)

Party crashers suck. Booo!

Jean Bean said...

Awww, this made me weirdly nostalgic. It's been so long since we cut a bitch together.

Kani said...

Love the purple dress

Hate the attention whore.

Juana said...

Me loves the purple. My fave.

As for the lunatic...WHY? Really. Why?

Ly said...

absolutely LOVE purple and it looks fabulous on you!!! I'm also completely coveting your gorgoeus tan, I need color soon on these pale stems of mine.

question, should I feel special that I thought of the purple/red pairing way before Stella? ha! I paired Purple with Red (and gold as an accent) for my Fall 2005 Wedding and thought it looked stunning! Guess Stella and I are on the same vibe. ha!

eileenerb said...

Sorry gals -- that matronly group, the purple hat society, has been doing the purple/red combo for decades.

p.s. You're scary when you don't like someone. Remind me never to give you a nickname.

Tracee said...

love the black halo f21 knock off.

literally LOLed the purple urple story.

Sable Crow said...

I'm producing the arena where you and Jean Bean cut a bitch together. We'z gonna be rich on those tickets!

That'd be a hot-mama show!

"In this corner, don't let the Philip Lim deceive you, it's the Purple Urple!"

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

Love the purple dress and am very much diggin' Mr. D's tee.

P.S. apologies for twenty-somethings acting like immature kiddies. It's just because we're so taken by your wisdom and vivaciousness we have to act like damn fools! Lesson learned as not be cut up any urples. =P


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