Friday, July 4, 2008

The Scene
You've heard about companies renting Malibu beach houses for the summer and throwing par-tays to lure celebrities and promote their products, right? Well, that's where we started our Independence Day. Tres fab.

The beautiful Daughter D is a publicist and was gracious enough to invite us. Didn't get to hang out much though. She was too busy running around headset-style, coordinating celebrity arrivals - Jeremy Piven and Nicole Richie among them. Alas no Luke Perry this time ;)

Can't believe I used to baby sit her. She's all growns up now.

So is her little brother. He even has - eek - chest hair! Gawd, I'm old. Brother D just graduated college but he'll always be that saucy little 8 year old who refused to hit the hay when I was over babysitting.

Mr. Diabolina and I spent a couple of hours chowing down on the fancy (read: for skinny people) food, drinking tasty blueberry gin concoctions and strolling on the beach.

Also spent a good deal of time marveling over how blessed our lives are.

Only one thing would've made the Malibu experience complete: A Hills cast member sighting. After all, Lauren is on the cover of LA Direct, one of the sponsors of our event.

Alas the girls were at a neighboring beach house for DKNY. Wah! Mr. Diabolina would have been able to die happy if he caught just a glimpse of his faves in the (bikini) flesh.

In the evening we head out to the South Bay to celebrate with Mr. Diabolina's extended family. Tons of fun. We inhale burgers and hot dogs and watch the kids put on their very own fireworks display. Highly dangerous but highly enjoyable.

We end the night early. Feel as exhausted as this little angel. Wonderful relaxing day of family and fun with a little dash of Hollywood hoopla for fabulous measure!

The Outfit

Forever 21 striped halter dress

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Fashion district bangles
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Marc Jacobs Irina purse
Forever 21 sunglasses
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

Bought this Forever 21 dress about two years ago. Very Rachel Pally. Quite revealing for me since it's backless and has the plunging neckline. But it's perfect for the beach precisely because it displays so much skin. The tan lines are minimal the next day.

Thought it dressed up nicely with the gold accessories today. Love the turquoise paired with the rich clay color of the Marc Jacobs purse. Very Malibu Barbie ;)

Was disappointed by most of the outfits at the beach house today. Was expecting flash and sass. Instead I got function and frump. Only this YOUNG thing delivered in a shiny plunging one piece.

Unfortunately, she wasn't working it in all its glamrock glory. That suit was wearing her not the other way around. She just didn't own it. In fact, she kept throwing on a big white T-shirt when she came inside the beach house. F. Youth is wasted on the young.

She's lucky she didn't run into Jenny McCarthy or Jim Carey on the beach. Apparently they were traipsing up and down Malibu in the exact suit. HILARIOUS!!!!!! I actually think Jenny wore it best, followed by Jim and then the hot little youngin at our beach house. Am I right?

But I shouldn't jest. Mr Diabolina had a close fashion call of his very own. We were walking on the beach being romantic when suddenly he gasped. He whispered through clenched teeth at me "That guy is wearing my shorts!!!!"

HAHAHHAHA! See the guy in the background all the way to the right looking straight at me taking a picture!!???

At least it was a guy this time, not like the infamous women's tennis shoe incident of spring 2008. BWWWHAHAHAHAH!

But seriously, he had nothing to worry about - he was definitely the cutest Malibu Ken doll at the party. Though I might be a little biased, being his biggest fan and all...

p.s. Just a little update. Today Mr. Diabolina called M&M and her husband to wish them a happy 4th. He's been thinking about them alot lately. She's been home for about 10 days - after 5 weeks in the hospital and 2 weeks in Africa after the plane crash. Can't believe it's been two months.

She's making good, steady progress. Her right big toe began moving last weekend, and the other toes on the right foot began moving a few days later. Even though it is only small, incremental movement, it is a good sign of nerve recovery. She remains hopeful that she will walk again and early signs are good.

Thanks to all of you for the good thoughts. Keep 'em coming!


tam pham said...

all my good thoughts for m&m and her fam!

you and mr. d are SUCH the cute couple. wish we lived in the same zip code so we could double date. i'd like to think that we would all get along smashing;y well.

weezermonkey said...

I am laughing at the duplicate shorts!

Someone at my senior prom had my same dress. And she was way skinnier and cuter. Depressing.

dapotato said...

what a fab holiday weekend. really fab!

lookrichbitch said...

Dahling! The life you lead is by far the most glam! My 4th was spent in gma's backyard bbqing with the fam. Hehe.

And LOL about Mr. D's copy cat! He wore it best for sure!

amber said...

so happy to hear m&m is doing well. :)

what a great holiday! super cute dress, too.

Lynn Tran said...

Glad to hear M&M are recovering well. Kisses.

Mr. D definitely rocked the shorts better than the shorts twin. You look fab as usual, my dear.

Milly said...

sooo when are you visiting NY again?? we can go shopping..i so need your help...nice dress again!!
or maybe i should move to L.A. hhmmm something to think about :)

R said...

Good news about M&M! Continuing happy thoughts for her. :)

TINA said...

I'm glad to hear that M&M is doing well!
I laughed about the duplicate shorts...Mr. D looked much better in them, though!
You lookso chic, as usual!
I love the dress - it is very Rachel Pally!

MissJordyPants said...

YAH for m&m... all good thoughts heading her way!


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