Monday, July 6, 2009

My Super Sweet Giveaway

Thanks to all of you for entering to win the chickdowntown giveaway.

Congratulations to the randomly selected big winner: Deep in Vogue. LOVE her blog and love her Etsy store especially that DELISH mummy dress and love her pretty kitty face. Will match her new Hello Kitty necklace purrfectly. YAYAYAYA!

A note about this contest: So 58 of you came out of the woodwork and commented for a chance to win. But the average post gets only about 10 comments. What up wit dat, home skillets??? :)

I don't blog for the money. Um, there isn't any. I don't blog for my health. Um, it's falling apart.

I do it to stay motivated and hopefully inspire and ideally connect. That means I cherish every one of your comments. Like when Deep in Vogue won I instantly thought of this comment she made that soooo touched my heart.

I know it may sound silly - a grown woman craving validation from strangers. But um I'm an insecure writer like that. And maybe I'm just a little afraid of being all alone out here.

Bottom line, if you're reading, please comment. Be deep in vogue ;)


Mrs. Lexi said...

I'm reading! :-)
I love your style, reading your blog really does inspire me to look at my clothes differently. Though I don't have your skills!

Jessica Love said...

I read every day! I'll try to comment more. :-)

Holligolightly said...

I hereby pledge to comment more often! Especially because your blog is a daily read for me. You are a terrific and talented writer and I often hear your "voice" in my head as I'm shopping around--hope that doesn't sound totally weird! :)

Kelley said...

I, too, read every day. Can't wait for Sunday!

Julie S. said...

I read every single day, but rarely comment--so sorry:0 I really do think you are a terrific writer. If I was still teaching writing(to middle schoolers-aghhh!) I would mark your blog with "great voice" for sure:)Your blog has made me clean out my closet and reevaluate my choices when shopping. You are like the Clinton and Stacy of the blog world. I think you need a regular feature in a magazine. What do you think? Then maybe you could leave that job you hate:)

♥Rosie said...

You are the first blog I check in every day. In the morning. at 7AM when I'm supposed to be coming in early to catch up on work.. no I catch up on you LOL

amber said...

You know me, I comment on it all... just takes me a few days sometimes. ;)

JCHokie said...

If I had an ounce of yours or Deep in vogue's sense of style, I'd be happy!

Sheila said...

I read your blog daily, and get a lot of inspiration from your wardrobe. Love how you are surrounded by genuinely good people and a good story teller too (:
I will try to comment regularly!!


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