Monday, June 15, 2009

The Scene
Meh Monday. Thank goodness for eye candy courtesy of the CFDA Awards.

Yay: L.A. girls Rodarte were named Womenswear Designer of the year. Boo: Kate was rocking only a hint of Rodarte fabulousness (look at her neckline.) She was so real and articulate the night I heard her speak on a Vogue panel at the Hammer Museum. Wish she'd made more of statement with her outfit. I mean she nabbed the biggest award of the night! Plus, there's a country full of real women who aren't size zeros who need some Rodarte ingenuity and high fashion inspiration in their lives.

Thankfully, skinny minny Blake brought the fierce tonight. Won my best dressed of the night. Nothing like a little Gossip Girl to kick off the week.

The Outfit
Marc by Marc Jacobs top
Laundry skirt

The Accessories
Fashion District ring
Chanel bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs heels
Dior sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

Borrowed this top from my mom's closet yesterday.

I'm not much for red but been getting in orangey reds lately.

Lots of it out in full effect tonight at the CFDA awards.

Much fresher than plain old red in my opinion.

Lots of just plain orange last night too. TOLD you it was going to be the next hot thang in fashion. My trend prediction abilities are freaky.

Head to toe on Fern Mallis.

Just on her Jimmy Choo toes for Tamara Mellon.

The black skirt was a cop out today. Basic and boring and blah.

The top tucked into a lighter colored skirt would've been betta. F to me.

But me thinks the pink shoes paired with the red saved the day.


WendyB said...

I was always more into true red than orange-red, but lately I'm starting to like the latter more. It looks great on you.

amber said...

This is random, but I was tooling around my gym's website and they have a collection of magazine articles where the co-owner has been featured. One of the articles was from Vogue, where she helped your Rodarte ladies get their healthy eating and fitness back on track. I totally thought of you when I read it. :)


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