Friday, June 12, 2009

The Scene
This afternoon, I got back test results confirming that I have Hashimoto's disease, a condition where your immune system attacks your thyroid gland. Hashimoto's disease is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States and most commonly occurs in women over 60. Symptoms often go undetected because they mimic the signs of aging: thining hair, weight gain, high cholesterol, low energy and depression.

In a way I felt relieved by the diagnosis. I KNEW something was off the last few months. My body just didn't feel right. I had just chalked it up to stress because lord knows I've had plenty of that since my mom's brain tumor diagnosis last August.

I was thankful that my doctor found the condition relatively early, before it lead to serious problems like heart disease, infertility or - god forbid - the emergence of a GOITER - the human body is GROSS.

I am thankful that the condition is highly treatable. Just one little blue pill a day for the rest of my life should balance me out. Just like Viagra does for old derty men. Objectively not a big deal. But kinda a big deal for someone like myself who detests taking any kind of medication.

I left the doctor's office in a bit of a daze. Picked up my new prescription and started calling friends. As the reality sunk in, I became increasingly scared. I felt betrayed by my own body. What other diseases are lurking inside me - waiting for just the right moment to wreak havoc? I felt something I rarely feel: I felt powerless.

So, as soon as I got home, I went straight for the internet. I've always found educating one's self is the key to feeling empowered. I read everything I could about hypothyroidism - alternative therapies, misdiagnosis stories, forums fraught with consipiracy theories. I also read up about Oprah's own brush with hypothyroidism. Seriously, she has gots to stop stealing my thunder ;)

I also found a report ironically released today that suggests hypothyroidism may actually contribute to a longer lifespan. By the time Mr. Diabolina came home with 20 questions for me, my head was spinning. Didn't know quite what to believe. I was hypothyroidism-ed out.

I was glad we'd already bought tickets to watch Away We Go. Didn't want to stay home and keep obessessing. Liked the movie well enough. It's quirky and cute - and it knows it. It was a bit too eager to please and too self-conscious. But it was distracting enough and a pleasure to see a different kind of love story. One where the characters are flawed and don't pretend to have all the answers and see love as the end goal not marriage.

LOVED a line Maya Rudolph says in it, "No one has a love like ours." It's how I feel about Mr. Diabolina. It's how I know I'll always feel. In sickness and health. Til death do us part.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Brass Plum wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion District belt
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes and clutch
Me&Ro necklace and earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Still thinking of Paola and her new fabulously sunny look

And how flattering that orange was on my mama this weekend. Shades of it were all over the Resort 2010 runway.


Nicole Miller

Vena Cava

Carolina Herrera

Michael Kors

Rachel Roy

Chris Benz






Marc Jacobs

Stella McCartney

Loving all dresses strapless right now

Especially when belted. Accentuates curves just so.

Scored today's belt in the Fashion District. LOVE!

Strikingly similar to the Tom Binns necklace on the cover on this month's InStyle. There THEY go stealing my thunder again :)

Felt quite sexy today. By design. Wanted to look good at the doctor's office since I had a feeling there'd be some "bad" news. And the confidence I felt definitely helped to soften the blow of the diagnosis. Women are such funny creatures.

And as Jean Bean told me today, maybe getting the condition under control will help me lose some of the weight I've felt creeping on, allowing my inner sylph to emerge. One's always got to look for the silver, thinner lining, right?


Sheri, RN said...

Great outfit pics. I'm also glad that you found out what was wrong with you. Better to know than not know. I actually posted something about weight gain and Oprah even too today lol

Unknown said...

first of all, you look really great in orange. your skin color is perfect for it ...I'm sorry to hear about your hyperthyroidism ...I too am not a fan of medication., at all. So it would totally freak me out. However, it's better to know than not and have answers to why you were feeling so down. I hope it's easy to manage ...and accept :)

Unknown said...

oh and ...I love that belt!

Kristen said...

D, I have Hashimoto's too - sorry to hear you've joined the club. :/ My experience with it hasn't been too bad, but I remember being as shocked as you are when I got my diagnosis. Just taking the pill everyday can get annoying (& mine has all this restrictions about taking it with food - double annoying), but then again, I am hugely thankful there IS a treatment for it. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about it.

HazelnutPhotography said...

hearts to you.

JillFantastic said...

That entire outfit is perfection!

I have hypothyroidism too. I was diagnosed a few years ago after I complained to my doctor about having no energy and wanting to sleep all of the time.
It really isn't that big of a deal and in my case it's hereditary. I hope you don't stress over it too much. It does suck to depend on a pill forever, but it's a very small price to pay to feel normal again. And like Jean Bean said - maybe you'll shed a few pounds!

tam pham said...

orange is hot on you, mami!

i heart know I do. It makes me sad when you talk about your weight in a negative manner because I think you are beyond beautiful...and you will be just as beautiful if you gain 20 or lose 20.

WendyB said...

My stepdaughter had hyperthyroidism...there is thyroid cancer on her mother's side so she got hers taken out and is doing very well.

tam pham said...

i forgot to say...i'm sorry about the diagnosis, but it sounds like you've got it under control.

Juana said...

WTF?!! When will it stop?!! On the flip side, this diagnosis confirmed something you already knew. You are part Japanese. Hope that blue pill makes it all go away.

StartingOver@28 said...

I am pretty anti meds as well but at least they were able to find the root cause of your "off" feeling. Some people go through life never figuring out.

PS - love the orange.

kyle said...

Knowing is half the battle. And you can find some comfort knowing you'll be the hottest, most fashionable Hashimoto's sufferer out there. :)

Fabulosity said...

Sorry to hear that, I'm sure you'll be fine hang in there..

amber said...

I'm glad that you were able to figure out what is going on. {{hugs}}

Lynn Tran said...

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, D. Sounds like you have a good attitude about it at least. And you're right, at least you know. As one the infamous GI Joes will attest: "Knowing is half the battle."

Glad to see your fashion mojo hasn't been affected by the hypothyroidism, because your outfits of late have been faboo! XOXO

MondiBear said...

I have the same thing, but after a year on the pill my thyroid decided to fix itself and my levels went back to normal. Hopefully the same thing happens to you!

Love the blog and all your bright colors!

Milly said...

Love the orange color on you...perfect!...cute belt too

Sorry to hear about the'll be fine...i know 2 people that have it and even though they hate taking the everyday pill, they are doing just fine

Hang in least there is treatment for it

Ly said...

Sorry to hear, I know initially it can be slightly devastating news. However, I am hypothyroid myself, took awhile to figure out what dosage I needed but my levels are now back to normal. I have also been able to lose 27lbs this year! It really is not a big thing, I don't think twice about taking my pill. I see it like all the other vitamins I swallow daily. BTW, You are rocking those amazing, bold, colors!

lookrichbitch said...

ugh.. i totally went to the dr last month and did some blood work. dr checked my thyroid because i complained of being fat. i secretly hoped that there was something else making me fat. alas, no. thyroid is peachy. i'm just fat. oink!

not to lessen the impact of your troubles tho. i'm glad they were able to figure it out so quickly. you're a trooper. loves.

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

its just like you to take something that some would take pretty hard in a stride. you are really strong, and inspiring. Ditto on the comments about how orange looks great on you!

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

Love the dress! I've recently become obesessed with that color as well!

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

p.s. Hope you feel better!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

So glad you got your diagnosis early. Chin up - it will all get better from here and your outfit was amazing.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Any bodily ailment/disease/condition sucks. But I know you can deal with it--you've got support, strength, and humor to get you through it. Oh yeah, and fabulous fashion instincts.

Grace said...

Love your outfit! I know how you feel. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 2 years back (they still aren't sure if it's Lupus or Still's disease). Hang in there. Taking meds every day isn't too bad. :)

can't wait for our session in July!

Beauty By LC said...

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis... But it sounds like you've got the right attitude. Stay positive! :)

I love all things strapless! Great pics!

weezermonkey said...

I just told Mr. Monkey about the Hashimoto's, and he said, "What? What is that? I am sad!" But I assured him that your little pill would take care of it, and now he is no longer panicking.

Love from both of us.

weezermonkey said...

Mr. Monkey said my message wasn't complete. He sends you a big hug!

Gabby said...

I love reading your blog and been following you for some time now (although never posted anything before)
I too was diagnosed with hypo tyroid about a year n half ago, except they found a nodule and will have to get surgery next month. I love your attitude, stay positive and you will see that your little pill will make you feel a lot better :)

Mary B-hof said...

first, love this outfit...especially the belt!

second, i'm sorry about your diagnosis, but as others least you know what is wrong now and you can take the steps to get better. i'm sorry!

Julie said...

I think you should change your signature colors from balck and white to orange.

Victoria said...

amazing how many of your readers are dealing with your diagnosis! i'm so sorry to hear you have to have it at all, but i'm hoping it will not interfere with your life. like tam, i also get sad when you get down on yourself because i see you in person and you look fantastic! if this fixing the condition lets you feel and look better then mo better!

Anonymous said...

love the blog, but can you please take down the picture of the chick licking the chanel? it grosses me out.

Da Fashionista said...


HA! I love that picture. But I'll take it down when you publish your name. You might as well. I know you work where I used to work. You can't trick a trickster with sitemeter.


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