Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Scene

Love how the time difference in Hawaii works in your favor when you're from Cali - how you can wake up at 10 am but it's only 7 am in Hawaii

So you can get a jump on sucking down mango smoothies.

And carbs

Glorious glorious carbs

You can be on the beach by 8 am.

Covered in sand by 8:01 if you are a sand monster like me. F.

After a strenuous morning of frolicking in the surf, you can cruise around Oahu by catamaran.

Which just means lounging on a boat instead of the beach.

Glorious day to be on the water - the sky was killing me!

Peeped dolphins and sea turtles

Went snorkling - can you tell who is excited and who is nervous?

Unlike Mr. D, I don't consider myself a sporty fishy spice. Get a little overwhelmed in open water at first. Love it eventually but the medication I'm on makes me a little dizzy and the swells made me a lots dizzy. Boo.

Got back to the hotel. Did some more lounging. This time by the pool and jacuzzi.

With some drinks.

After working so hard all day, you'd think we'd be EXHAUSTED ;) But we weren't. Walked around the resort.

Ended up at Roy's on a golf course at sunset.

Magnificent dinner.

Magnificent life.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Old Navy brown bikini and Target blue bikini

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace and sunglasses
Fashion District flower hair clip
Sam Edelman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Started the day in functional (read: blah) beach wear.


And denim shorts

Sorry it wasn't more fabulous.

Not feeling 100 percent yet.

Soooooo wished I had rocked an Oscar de La Renta suit.

Flattering retro perfection.

So0000 much classier than modern day hot messes.

But my Old Navy and Target suits were good nuff.

It wasn't like I was on Valentino's yacht or anything ;)

Decided to go for tribal in the afternoon for boating.

This Forever dress that I bought forever ago is Oscar on a dime

With a little Milly

And a dash of DKNY

Added the necklace for some flair.

And the flower to match my delicious toes.

Loved the Edelman tribal sandals with the dress.

Head to toe Xena Warrior Princess ;)

Something just so fierce about that strap around the ankle. I highly recommend it.


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

So jealous! It all looks divine. WIsh I were there.

WendyB said...

Damn! I love pancakes.

Sable Crow said...

These photos are killing me. I feel like I'M on vacation! Yum. Sea turtles!

Victoria said...

i really would like to live in hawaii part-time. looks like you guys had an amazing time!

Mrs. Lexi said...

Yay! Your pics are making me so excited for my trip to Maui in September. I'm dying trying to figure out what to pack - I wanna bring everything!

HazelnutPhotography said...

hahahahaha the snorkeling picture kills me!

Tracee said...

oooh did you stay at the ihilani??? stayed there this past december!!!

amber said...

* I love to snorkel, but the boat trips kill me. Instead of just looking at the fish, I'm almost feeding them by the end. F. :/

* The time difference is fabulous. We always feel like we get so much done in the AM when we're there.

* Loving all of your beach dresses. A+

Ugh, I so want to go back to Hawaii!!


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