Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Scene

Get news this morning that I've been expecting but is no less heartwrenching. My dear friend Flower tells me doctors have given his mom 48 hours to live. He tells me for the first time in 33 years when he says I love you to her, she doesn't respond. He tells me it is finally here: the moment he loses her, the lowest point in his life. Devastating.

When Flower and I met 3 years ago, his mother was already ill. Strangely, her illness became one of the foundations of our friendship. Over happy hours and lunches, we quickly realized the bond we share with our mothers is very similar - it is complicated and nuanced and deep and beautiful.

When my own mother was diagnosed with the brain tumor last August, Flower was a dream. He helped me make sense of the jumble of emotions I was feeling. He helped me keep perspective. Eternally grateful to him for his support.

Wish I could be in Boston with him during these painful moments. To hold his hand. To share a stiff drink. To make him smile through the tears. To assure him he will make it through this. To remind him that though she may feel like she is slipping away, she will always be with him, proud of the exceptional man he has become. I may not know much but I know that.

Feel so discombobulated by Flower's news that I seriously consider not heading out to Fancypants' bachelorette party. Eventually wipe away my tears and remember that death should serve as a reminder to live more mindfully, more vibrantly, more joyfully. And nothing is more joyful than a bachelorette party :)

Get myself together, jump in the car and drive two hours until the desert abruptly turns into an oasis. Ah, Palm Springs.

Ironically, Palm Springs was the site of the first bachelorette party I ever attended. When I was a wee 24 years old. For M&M. Since then, I've thrown half a dozen bachelorette parties. I am THAT girl - always a bachelorette, never a bride ;)

Today was the beginning of a new era. The era of thirtysomething bachelorette parties. Fancypants style ;)

To begin with, the digs at thirtysomething bachelorette parties are much MUCH nicer

A sprawling private residence has a way of making the perfectly fine hotel rooms and condos of the past look like hovels.

At a thirtysomething bachelorette party, there is tri tip...instead of meaty exotic dancers.

And poolside massages in the afternoon instead of wild dancing at night

There's quite a bit of lounging

And napping

No matter what your age, a good bachelorette party features loads of food. Check.

And even more shots. Check, check.

Sadly, in your 30s unlike your 20s, all that imbibing catches up with you pretty darn quickly.

Lights-out-at-midnight-early ;)

The Outfit
Fashion District dress

The Accessories
Vintage clutch
Chanel earrings
Fashion District rosette sandals

The Grade
B for Barely Bachelorette

The Commentary
Fancypants and a few of her friends hit Coachella yesterday. I thought about going but ultimately decided against it.

Not the best place for someone who 1) sweats profusely 2) isn't particularly into music 3) does not enjoy being surrounded by taut teenagers i.e. feeling old.

Nevertheless I decided to rock my own version of a Cochella look: olive green romper, espadrilles and skull scarf

Vaguely similar to what thirtysomething Reese wore to the hipster music festival.

Matched perfectly with the ring Victoria of Las Angelenas was wearing. JCrew. A present from Fancypants. I want!

Ended up spending most of my day by the pool in my pretty new bathing suit. Looooooooved the ruffles.

Happy to see Elle says blue is the big color for suits this season. I am good.

And responsible too. I barely laid out today.

Kim Kardashian's HIGHlarious Prada butterfly sunburn incident scared me straight. Or should I say white.

For dinner and drinks I donned my newest Fashion District find. $30. Not super flattering but I really liked the print and the fluttery edging. Especially with the rosette sandals.

Have to figure out the right undergarments to wear with it because tonight I felt thick thick thick and droop droop droopy in it. F.

It was interestingly a cross between Dita Von Teese's Cochella looks.

Except less costume-y.

Here are some of my favorite PYT dresses at Cochella

Belted pretties

Blousy bombshells

Unique darlings

Particularly heart this Kate Bosworth dress with the yellow sandals. Virtually identical to the dresses JCH picked up in the Fashion District.
Bet hers cost more than 20 dolla.

But the best fashion moment of the day was when Fancypants greeted me at the door in a straw hat tres similar to the one I bought during my Target shopping spree yesterday.

Great fashion minds....

Must admit I have never liked this look on boys. But starting to come around.

Can't wait for Mr. Roboto to work it in Mexico. One month to go til dum dum da dum....


weezermonkey said...

:( re Flower's mama. Hugs.

I always have great hopes for Coachella, but, when I go, I'm miserable at the end of the night. Too hot. Too many people. Too old.

I'm going to send you pics of BroMo with someone you hate at Coachella....

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

LOVE the dress. Looks like a great weekend.

Liz said...

I think that dress is very flattering on you! Love the photo of you in it by the pool.

I am so sorry about your friend's mother.

Victoria said...

positive thoughts for your friend and for you and your mom. great weekend... see you in mexico!

Anonymous said...

pretty print on the dress but not flattering on you, you look wide in it

Mar5195 said...

Ugh my hearts hurts for Flower. I cannot imagine that kinda of loss. Heartbreaking.

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend!

Da Fashionista said...

I AM wide, dear anonymous.

Jean Bean said...

HEY ANONYMOUS, let's have some pictures of your petty, miserable, pathetic, hating, ugly-on-the-inside self. Hmm? Oh you don't have a blog where you share in your friends' triumphs and tragedies? Alright then, SUCK IT!

Sable Crow said...

Lovely post. Lively comments. Fun!

Big Kiss,

Jadelily said...

Anonymous, you must have problems with your vision because D is NOT wide. And even if she were, she's still a lot hotter than your pathetic self.

Now that that's out of the sorry to hear about your friend's mother. But glad to see you having a wonderful weekend.

Da Fashionista said...

please no more attention for anonymous, lovelies. i appreciate it but it's not worth it. flower's mom dying - that's a tragedy. anonymous opinions are just that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your friend, that's so sad. You looked lovely in your dress.Also, that dress Kate Bosworth is wearing is Topshop, so its more than 20 but not that far off lol.

Anonymous said...

Kisses to Flower and his family. It must be heart wrenching.

Also like your Coachella look...looking for a romper for the summer.

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

That's so sad about your friend's mom.

30-something bachelorette parties sound so luxurious and glamourous. Massages by the pool, heaven!

Love the blue bathing suit. I have one in that color and I love it. And I think it works on all skin tones too.

amber said...

So sorry to hear about Flower's mom. :( Losing a parent at any age is hell.

Loving the ruffles on the blue suit and the new dress. Very cute.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

So sorry to hear about Flower's mom. And I didn't know that about your mom. Is she okay now?!

You're right...that's when we're reminded to celebrate life.

tam pham said...

you know how much i love that shade of blue! you look so pretty in it! hugs to you and your friend :-(.

Anonymous said...

geesh! just giving my opinion, thats what this is for Right? if not then why have it?

Anonymous said...

yes, you may LOOK a bit "wide", but that doesn't mean you are. I think your sense of style and what is flattering on you is spot-on, and being able to do that to yourself is exceedingly difficult. You stated you thought the cut wasn't the best for you, but you still wore it because, let's face it, it's a cute dress. And you're cute too.

For what it's worth, I think that you TOTALLY know how to dress for your body. And even the skinniest person can wear something a tad unflattering (I don't think you're wide in the middle. Hell, I'm wide in the middle!). Keep up the great blog, and if you ever sell any of your clothes please let your blog readers be the first to know!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for bachelorette parties! The one you arranged looked fabulous.


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