Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Scene

Tonight this thin white man

And this thin white man

And these enormous popovers conspired against me. F.

Unbeknownst to me, the boys planned a dine LA outing. Our first time at BLT Steak (read WeeMo's rave review.) Tomorrow Sable Crow flies south for the winter and enjoys a little Mexican vacay with his parents. Tonight we discuss heavy stuff - love and hate and writing and betrayal and family - all while eating waaaaaaaaaay too much.


Mr. D's shocked face and body language say it all :)

The Outfit
Theory slacks
Marc by Marc Jacobs top
BCBG leather jacket

The Accessories
Forever 21 ring
Chanel bag
Ray Ban wayfarers
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Not feeling particularly fashionable lately. Probably because I feel jiggly. Dressing becomes more of an exercise in hiding than fabulosity.

Built the outfit around the Marc top.

Definitely feeling all the spring floral.

Especially this abstract print I saw on Camille Belle this week. Stunning.

Added the loose black slacks to obscure the weeks of no exercise.

Nothing like a pair of black pants to do just that.

But not just ANY black pants. Ugh. Jessica really needs a fashion intervention right now. When your weight fluctuates, like it does for most of us, your style has to follow suit.

You can't dress for your former figure, you gotta embrace your current assets. Right now, Jessica's should be all about flaunting her cleavage and calves. She needs to stop truncating her figuring and focusing on her middle.

She should be living in bootcut pants like these impeccably cut beauties on Jennifer Aniston at her chick flick premier.

All the movie's leading ladies turned it out. Each looked stunning...in very individual ways. But each one went for HEAD to TOE glam. Adore.

Love how my outfit today was a combo of Jennifer's masculine sleekness with Scarlett's frou frou femininity.

But I think this was my favorite look. The most on trend and recreatable. Glossy dark hair. Clean simple makeup. Dark short nails. Floral statement necklace. Animal skin clutch. Strappy sandals. And that pumpkin color! I need, I want, I will have.


weezermonkey said...

Aren't the popovers to die for? :) My co-worker went, too, but she wasn't as pleased as I was. She said her steak was tough and lacked the amazing grilled garlic that we got -- too bad, so sad!

Hope you guys had a good time! We should eat again soon.

WendyB said...

Ah yes, poor Jess has to whip those beautiful bosoms out!

tam pham said...

i loved ginnifer's outfit the most too!

The Modern Type said...

Yes, please! That orange with that necklace IS to die for! I want it. Now what?

Jean Bean said...

Poor Jessica. A pencil skirt and a low-cut blouse would solve her issues.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG - LOVE that top. You look all kinds of GLAM.

Victoria said...

love the popovers and ginnifer goodwin!

amber said...

love that floral top. so pretty.

so true re: dressing the body you have, not the body you had. jessica needs a new stylist if that person is the one suggesting and/or approving these looks of late. yikes!

Ana said...

You must go see this movie. Jennifer Connolly's hair is STUNNING in some scenes! My outfit today is very similar to a few of her work outfits in the movie. I love her.


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