Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Scene

There are few things I regret in life. Not majoring in Cinema Television at SC is probably my biggest regret. Not taking more photgraphs between the ages of 22-26 is another.

But there is no regret like the regret I feel for not getting into 30 Rock from the very beginning. I kept meaning to watch it. Everyone told me I'd love it. But for some reason I didn't listen. Until this season. F.

Tonight's episode was perfection. Tina stalking and then Roofie-ing that mad hot John Hamm = every girl's dream. The telenovela script pinpointing that older Latina women love two things - lottery scratchers and McDonald's coffee = spot on description of my Mom.

Ugh I want to go to there and be Tina's bff.

The Outfit
Express skirt
Burberry rain coat
Thrifted wrap sweater

The Accessories
Me&Ro earrings
Manolo Blahnik heels
YSL purse

The Grade

The Commentary

Cuckoo for florals this week. There's something so unapoletically feminine about them. So retro. Instantly transports you to another time and place.

Think some part of me yearns for those simpler times. Times when women were women and men were men. When we knew what was expected of us. When our roles were clearly defined, our options practically pre-determined.

I know how strange and even Stepford wife that might sound but hear me out. I've often thought the biggest challenge that women of my generation face is having TOO many choices. And too few role models.

The older I get the more I see few of us are living the feminist promise of "having it all." Few of us can actually BE Tina Fey. Few of us have the professional success we deserve, the well-adjusted, breast-fed child, the supportive, chore-sharing husband. At least not all at the same time. Something typically has to give.

Too often I think we feel immobilized by all the options, too afraid of squandering all our progress as a gender by taking the undefined path, the risker option.

Or maybe that's just me. Maybe most women are blissfully happy juggling it all. Maybe I am the one who hasn't mastered the all.

So what was I saying about florals?? That I love them...yes. I love this skirt. Love that I got it for $30 last summer and it is still "of the moment." But I hate hate hate that I was wearing it the day we found out about my mom's brain tumor. Boo. So I decided to dust it off and wear it today - remove that negative association.

The print's reminiscent of this sheeny Moschino skirt.

Adoring the styling at Moschino this season - the bow and the belt and the platforms and the cateyes. All retro yumminess.

Currently craving the Anna Sui floral jacket in this month's Lucky magazine.

Anna always manages to do florals that seem edgy. Not quite sure how she manages it but she does.

Added the trenchcoat today because SoCal is on StormWatch 2009 for the rest of the week.

Office story: Today I was at the printer and a heavy set, older, IT guy told me he liked my trenchcoat. I said thank you and tried to be on my way.

But he stopped me and asked to see the lining. Like a flasher. Um...
Then he said, "That's exactly like my trench coat!"

I smiled and said yes, Burberry makes the best trenchcoats and scurried away.

Thinking I am going to start belting my trenchcoat so I never again have to deal with that kind of converstaion.


weezermonkey said...

30 Rock is genius, and some may consider my next statement blasphemous.

30 Rock kicks The Office's ass.

That is all.

WendyB said...

I've never watched 30 Rock. I'm scared I won't be able to live with the regret now!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

The trench coat at the printer story is hilarious. 30 Rock isn't on in Australia :( as usual I'm missing out.

amber said...

i never got on the 30 rock bandwagon either. was too busy crying over my beloved studio 60 being canceled. wah!

Anonymous said...

My friends tell me that I will like 30 Rock, too...and I haven't listened to them yet. Boo.

Ugh, I have a floral express skirt that I've been dying to wear. I got it last spring on clearance for $10! But I live in frigid, frigid New Hampshire. I'm definitely breaking that skirt out on the first occasion that I get!

Good for you for dusting that skirt off and giving it some new memories : )

Jean Bean said...

TC and I came to 30 Rock late too but we're catching up via Netflix.

I think women are a long way from having too many options. We don't even have the option of equal pay or affordable child care.

Too many wardrobe options, perhaps.

fancypants said...

I have seasons 1 and 2 of 30 Rock on DVD. You want? I give.

Happy Monday, kid. Hang in there this week and I am sure you will be rewarded eventually.

tam pham said...

Fiance and I still haven't seen one episode of 30 Rock. Um don't kill me...Tina Fey annoys me.

Juana said...

That was a Raytheon story. I'm certain of it.

Victoria said...

you are so right about the "having it all" thing. i don't see how it's possible. every mom i know feels guilty for working or staying home and every non-mom feels judged for not birthing children they can't afford.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what Victoria said.

I always associate my clothing to events but Kudos! for associating the skirt with sometime positive!


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